Ignorance of Love

There once was an ignorant boy.

Who dreamed, only, of love.


He dreamed of passion, and dreams.

He dreamed blissful dreams of love.      


One day it hit him.               

And it hit him hard.

He was knocked aside, and flung on the road, and ran over in its haste.


He loved passionately, and loved with all his heart.

But the girl tore him down.

She mocked, scorned, hit and abused.

She hated, despised, tortured, and maimed.

She tore the poor boy apart, bit by bit, limb by limb

Until there was nothing left but his heart.


Eventually she crushed that to.

She slit it in half, and tore it apart.


The boy could do nothing but love her.

For he knew nothing else, but to love.

The boy healed, bit by bit, limb by limb.


He is still an ignorant boy.

And he still has learned nothing about love.

He's alive today, dreaming dreams, of blissfulness, and passionate love. 

This poem is about: 
Our world



wow this is amazing


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