The Making of a Leader

Sun, 07/20/2014 - 00:12 -- oaigbe

The Making of a Leader

A leader.....who is leader?

Many are they in sight,

Many that I see,

But one stands out, not because of her skills it seems

But for her deficiences.

She is crying on the insidefor chage,

Yearning for progress and differene

She has hopes greatness, ad that power for success.


But true greatness they say needs uprightness and progress,

How can we be upright when we sit with falseme, and consolt with dissemblers,

They are overruling, proposing to do what they do not.

And how can we attain progress when we are stunted by their urge for wealth and power,

We are pained from their atrocities,

 Only growing like creeping Mass Mallow.


But then, I still see the one,

Oh yes! Oh yes!

The people that stand out from many,

The ones that say, 'Yes we can'!

The ones that say, 'We are able'!

Those that will uphold their right hand to justice and progress,

And those that will always and boldly reply, 'Yes'!

And that is the making of a leader.





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