Knives of You

Mine old friend, I wish you my new lover

I long to be with you but cannot speak

Mine passions scream, though my words are quiet

Your eyes on another, is thine just blind?

The pains in mine chest I suffer for thee

I’m saddened by this unforeseen crisis,

Aye, a sudden news of relocation;

Flooded with distress, I long to tell you

Nay, I hear thine eyes follow another

But great knowledge tops over ignorance

The reign of the sun is now quick to come

Soon we will not see each other no more

Wherefore didst my extended pause, occur?

If thine conscious were able to accept,

Will thine recollect the fragments of me?

Confliction of the heart, I can't believe

Alack! Can thou see as if we were more?

Now, what dost favor in such a maiden?

Though, I cannot compete with mine plain breed

Aye, surely I am not within thine league

Mine features is none above all the rest

Tis’ ordinary and not appealing

Tis’ fitting to try and accept the fate

Rath’r suffer silent and sink inside

Mine thoughts conflict like the gods above us

Wherefore dost the godly be cruel as death?

Heads of fate fiercely fiddle with futures  

Like divine creators, we art the same

Evasive, disastrous, ambiguous

The world rotten, of ignorant people

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