Just Me

You can love me.

You can hate me.

It doesn't matter what you think of me,

becuause I am me.

You will not change me,.

I am bold,


a star amoungst stars.

But words are just words to you.

Let me prove that I am more-

that I can be more.

Way more than you,

far beyond your wildest dreams.

Because I am me.

And no matter what you do,

I will still be me.

So do your worse.

Be the meanest you can be.

Try and tear me down.

All I'll keep doing is growing-

Growing and getting stronger.

Today is my day.

Tomorrow is my domain.

Yesterday is for the dogs,

and it's where you are.

My tomorrows are all bright and beautiful

because I am me

and you cannot change me.


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