Sat, 09/07/2019 - 04:44 -- Leesa

Waking up, thinking about back in the day.

The kids got up, went outside to play.

Things was groovy, hey.

Until everything started to change.

The world suddenly got rearraged.

The people really went deranged.

And I wanna shout.

The violence is getting rough.

And I need to breathe.

So just let me lend a hand, and you'll truly see.

We need to act like its a thang to see.

So now I'm searching for some help, please be alarmed.

We need to shelter kids from harm, from firearms.

Drive by shootings are the cause, it's got me stressin.

We need to give them a gift, another blessing.

Like how can I live, your killing me about mortality.

My ambitions aren't free.

I can't sleep, cause soon and I dream, someone loses their life.

I need to try and stay up, just for their life.

(x2)What would you do, do for kids

We've tried everything

And we won't give up.




This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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