All I Need Scholarship Slam 2016

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I’d take only a bookThe one with all my memoriesWith only one lookYou could see all of my miseries Happiness and sadnessI’ve been through it allIt’s almost a madnessI was always so small
When it seems that no one is there for me, And when ev’rything appears to go wrong, They always come as the people to be
Dear God, Lately I've been thinking about you I think of you when I see the morning's dew And I wonder how these feelings make me feel new I'm trying to understand every special thing that you walk me through  There can never be anything prettier
When I was a little kid you were never around.My life seemed to be turned upside down.I always wondered where you were.But you seemed to have dropped off the face of this earth.You weren’t there when I needed you the most.Thanks to you my mom had
I met a man upon the road. He walked with mournful tread. Upon his back he carried A load of bulk and dread.   He smiled at me politely Dropped his baggage to the ground.
The ocean is a dark place Sea full of wonders, yet filled with unused space The way the moon bathes in the light of the sky And quickly disappears into the silence of the night
You see the thing is I’m already lost,Alone and afraid in a sea of faces.Standing by myself on an island that’s only arms length.But it’s not a tv or
isolation in this island, nothing at hand I only have my sanity, To think, To reflect, To entertain To prevent insanity I will have my treasured sanity, Ah! yes, my sanity,
I couldn’t live without my mother It has been years since we first met through an ultrasound It seems like yesterday When I felt my mother’s hand rub on my head through her belly
Her smile, her smile, oh how it shines Through darkest nights it’s all I see All I dream through troubles and fines With it from fear, I am set free   But rainbows and sunshine are not the only things ahead
If I Only Had A…   “Brain,” said the Scarecrow, “Nerve,” said the Lion. But the Tin Man wanted a Heart.   I am not tin. I have a heart, and I couldn’t live without it.  
It may seem strange, and a little out of range, but my faith remains in my forefront.   I'm not shy to admit -- I'd be lost without it: my faith in my God, who is my Light.  
The sun glints off of the water And the day will only get hotter The water is still surprisingly cool   A day at a time I move a little down the line As if following a guiding rule  
Just like breathing It comes naturally A necesity to live Music makes me free With every song there is There are different colors With each color is a different feeling
I need feminism because I shouldn't have to be afraid to walk at night. I shouldn't have to cross the street when I see a group of men. I shouldn't have a paranoia of being raped when I take the train.I shouldn't have to dress a certain way to not
I am a mountain of arid timber, with kindling that fills my every fissure, surrounded by forests full of tinder. A potential pyre, impossible to hinder, that would burn with more than ample vigor
Observing creation, I long for Thee, My Savior, my Fortress, and my King. The One who hung on a bloody tree, The Cross in which I desperately cling.   O Father, we rebel against Thee,
When at my end Finished through the list of distraction Every glowing, glittering attraction That has carried me away Alone, every wasted hour past my back In the stillness, stopped on the track Of this never ending road  His word is the breath of
My hands pulsate with blistering burns, pain blotting out the colors from  the fiery landscape around me. Inhale smoke,  exhale regret - is this  fragile breath what
Stranded far from home, No longer fearful of being alone. Turn to sky and look in awe, I didn’t believe what I saw.   A man riding in, On what gave me chills. Upon a swallow’s back,
“Why do you have to be so hard?” “You know missing one day of practice is like missing the entire season.” “Why do you always want to kill me?”
I can not live without my tree She is all I need. She is bold, as the stories have told. She stands tall and never lets me fall.
They say we need air, food and water to stay alive We simply need them to survive For me to truly Live I need to learn
Favorite Box It’s black and white Only able to carry trinkets of memories It means more to me than anything else I own It is sanity
what do I need? what can I not live without? I need art the willing but eratic the spontaneous but meaningful the awful and the adequate I need it in all forms I need it in all ways
My. Mind. It's all I need.  Take all the material things; just leave my mind where it is. With my mind, I have everything else. With my mind, you can't take my ability to move,
Living without my identity is like slipping through the drain on the side of the road. Flowing away with the water Nowhere to be seen. As if I could be seen.  
Why oh why soes a mocking bird cry When the sun's so sweet and dear Why oh why does a blue jay cry When spring is almost here
Long have I searched for what was lost so long ago For the memories of those times that I remember nothing about Without them I feel so empty... so very very empty...  
When told what you cannot live without A good Christian should Tell all about Their love and desire for God. For me though that’s not true. I must have compassion. I can’t live without it.
A light in the darkness Flickers, dances, on the walls The cave must relinquish its grasp It eventually must surrender.   Petals of lights reach out
 If I was to ever be stranded, on an island, stuck. What is that one thing that I could not live without? Some people might say they can not live without their cell phone, some might say they can not move without their laptop.
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