Her smile, her smile, oh how it shines

Through darkest nights it’s all I see

All I dream through troubles and fines

With it from fear, I am set free


But rainbows and sunshine are not the only things ahead

There are nights when nothing but sadness crawls next to me in bed

When gloom and despair instead take its stead

Like a sword of Damocles hanging over my head


I do not think I could live, without her sneer

Without her jest nor her cheer

The half-hearted laugh she gives at my puns

And her smile that shines brighter than two suns


For when it is real, it is real

But when it is false, it is false

Because she’ll say with a lie “I am fine”

And I can only watch from the door, as her heart bleeds out onto the floor


But when asked what is the one thing I could not live without

It is never a question of what to me conjures passion

Instead it queries what without would spawns doubt

And cuts deep into the heart in most dire fashion


So clairvoyance to me finds home

For happiness does not claim residence in some dusty tome

Nor is it something new, plastered on walls in shiny chrome

For I see now it is not something for which I must roam


Her smile in this world is all that I’d want

To me it brings utmost happiness, with extra left to flaunt

But the question is truly, what I could not do without

What if instead of a smile sat a permanent pout


For when it is there, it is there

But what if it were not?

With monochrome tongue she would say, “are you okay?”

And with distance voice I’d reply that, “I am fine”









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