A Glimpse From The Past Dear Dad

When I was a little kid you were never around.My life seemed to be turned upside down.I always wondered where you were.But you seemed to have dropped off the face of this earth.You weren’t there when I needed you the most.Thanks to you my mom had to work very hard to provide for us both.You finally came back around when I turned eight.But to be honest it was already too late.A GLIMPSE FROM THE PAST DEAR DADI had other siblings that I never knew about.The day we all met there were no words that would come out of my mouth.We got along pretty good.Just like the way I knew we would.We eventually became close to one another.Although we came from two different mothers.A GLIMPSE FROM THE PAST DEAR DAD.But you’re still not here! I only get to see you once out of an entire year!Each time you left my eyes would be full of tears.You’d say I’ll be back.But I always had trouble believing that.I am that child from the past.The one who grew up without her dad.A GLIMPSE FROM THE PAST DEAR DADWhat did I do wrong to deserve this.You say you care but now you have to prove it.You have one big happy family.I just hope that one day it will include me. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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