I need feminism because I shouldn't have to be afraid to walk at night. I shouldn't have to cross the street when I see a group of men. I shouldn't have a paranoia of being raped when I take the train.I shouldn't have to dress a certain way to not distract men .I shouldn't have to deal with catcalls only being 17 .I shouldn't be taught that rape is my fault .I shouldn't have to deal with grown men with children telling me in Spanish "Come over so I can pound into you and show you the ways of a real man. And you can slap me while crying telling me to stop."I need feminism because I'm tired of walking home with keys in my hand. I'm tired of the rape jokes.I'm tired of the kitchen jokes.I'm tired of these gender roles.I'm tired of old white men telling me what rape is. I'm tired of being stared at by men that can be my father or grandfather.  I'm tired of not having a voice. I need feminism because I am the voice of those who don't have one. I am the voice of that 8 year old child who constantly gets raped by her father.  I am the voice for the teenage girl not knowing she can leave her abusive relationship. I am the voice for the afraid and ashamed.I am the voice for girls who justify a guys intention for rape.I need feminism because I'm sick of the misogyny in society. I'm sick of these gender roles forced on me. I'm sick of having to be ashamed of my body because I have a body. I'm sick of boys believing that's an excuse to make me feel uncomfortable.I'm sick of young boys thinking it's okay to touch a girl because they apologized.I'm sick of girls calling each other degrading names.I'm sick of girls blaming rape on her outfit .I'm sick of adults believing that I deserve to get raped because I wore something provocative.I'm sick of how much women are disrespected in music. I need feminism because I shouldn't have to deal with all this at only 17.  

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