A Bond Like No Other

When it seems that no one is there for me,

And when ev’rything appears to go wrong,

They always come as the people to be

Who hold me up and tell me to stay strong.


With love as firm as the waves of a lake,

We wash away those filled with wickedness,

And even though we choose to make mistakes,

The forgiveness we share is limitless.


Despair and hopelessness cannot exist

In a household where family stays true,

Because sorrow comes in the form of mist,

With affection and mercy shining through.


Them being absent would make me shiver,

Creating a place that is cold and dark,

But if they are here or gone forever,

Their spirits will always live in my heart.


So with their care that is immensely bright,

That warm tender spark is all that I need,

 And when I confront the hardships of life,

I know they will be there to set me free.

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My family
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