Dear God (It's You and Me)

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 21:19 -- Jorah

Dear God, Lately I've been thinking about you I think of you when I see the morning's dew And I wonder how these feelings make me feel new I'm trying to understand every special thing that you walk me through  There can never be anything prettier than your mind I can't believe you wake me up every day to show me that it'll be just fine You gave me a purpose for me to let my light shine Through you I feel like I am the king's most divine  You've promised that I'll always be yours even when I may not treat you as mine So I'll tell them of the blessing from your unconditonal love for them to find All I need is for people to know your name I'll even dance for you and not be ashamed  I have your spirit and I want to show it off Stepped into your majestic majesty, I'm so glad that you remember me I'll listen to my heart and baptist it in your word  You make me smile You make me sing Through you I see myslef in the flowers of the beautiful spring  You are all I need You are all I need It's amazing how pretty love can be, it's amazing how much to me your love means So I'll tell the world I wrote this about God and me  


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