Sand vs Sanity

Sat, 04/02/2016 - 14:58 -- snhu229

Stranded far from home,

No longer fearful of being alone.

Turn to sky and look in awe,

I didn’t believe what I saw.


A man riding in,

On what gave me chills.

Upon a swallow’s back,

Was the great Bear Grylls.


It was an African swallow,

Not one from further north.

So he gave it a coconut,

And it flew forth.


So no longer alone,

And with a true great.

I had no fear,

That this was my fate.


The man was a genius,

in his ways of survival.

he changed my life,

like a Sunday revival.


He reassured me,

That everything would be fine.

We’d make it out of here,

In due time.


But patience is a virtue,

That we must take.

So we must sit,

And give thanks and wait.


He was the teacher,

I was his student.

He taught me things,

To get us through it.


So there we sat,

Enjoying the view.

We’d live there forever,

To begin life anew.


He disappeared without a trace,

without a single care.

but only then did I realize,

he was never really there.


So if you’re ever stranded,

Stuck all alone.

Take along your sanity,

And you’ll always come home...


This poem is about: 
Our world


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