Lost on an island with nothing but Hope

You see the thing is I’m already lost,
Alone and afraid in a sea of faces.
Standing by myself on an island that’s only arms length.
But it’s not a tv or a book that’ll keep me sane.


My time here doesn’t matter, don’t care about the cost.
Being here is second nature like tying shoelaces,
But there’s one thing I need to provide me with strength;
It’s hope that keeps me lively in such a lonely domain.


With hope I have a better tomorrow.
It’s with hope you plant a seed.
Hope removes all my sorrow,
Hope is ALL I need.


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As soon as I saw the prompt in this poem I knew what would be the one thing I couldn't live without. I think to some degree everyone can agree that it's hope for a better future, a better tomorrow, that keeps us all going.

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