I Am... Scholarship slam 2015

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I am more than the average black girl. Unusual. More than what politicians define. The best triple threat singing, dancing, actress the world will ever see. Lyrics in multiple different ways
Open your books to page 137. One hundred and thirty seven. You see that? Second column, almost exactly half way down. handy. Adjective.
my mother's calloused grasp reached across the ocean to a world with sealed borders and blind eyes the land pseudo-tainted, she dug the soil and planted a sprout that was never meant to be
I am a bench I am a weathered, gray bench, alone by the beach. I’ve sat quietly in the rain and the snow,  holding up sighing bodies,   watching waves crash and turn shattered    glass into tiny treasures.
  Extraordinary not Extra-ordinary   The expectation was average, it was the norm, and Coming from a naive world, the expectation was not enough.
    I am Christian.   I am brave and spiritual.   I wonder what is out there beyond our universe. I hear the angels’ joyful cries from above. I see God embracing me into his kingdom.
Assembling myself isn’t easy— Though I’ve already had my pick from the gene pool— Some from Mom, some from Dad; I choose the way she talks with her hands, And how he throws playful punches around,
They tell you when you're very young:  "Be who you wish to be." You watch them as your future's hung On every wall you see.     "Your future is important, child;  Don't let it go to waste."
Complicated Usually when people hear that word They RUN FOR THE HILLS Why? You are asking the wrong one hun As a society complicated means issues And issues mean DO NOT PASS GO
Through a set of solar eclipse eyes over the ocean, I see.   The blue hue enhances every emotion, the tears especially vibrant in their rarity.  
Instructions on Gender: boys pick blue, girls pick pink, follow the directions Girl age four, play fight with the boy across the street; laugh Flirting Girl age six, kiss the boy in your kindergarten class; spit
I am the light in the darkness. I will emerge from the shadows, rising above the evil.
I can describe to you what I am And what I stand for And who I intend to be, But first I must proclaim what I am not. I am not a test score Or a statistic. I am not an IQ Or a class rank.
She is the girl. The girl who would rather be known as the girl who never fell in love  Than the girl who fell in love Only to fall on her face Who won't try because she might fail
I am 16 years old. 
A dictionary of over 7 billion names We are all one Important enough to be recognized But not enough to be noticed   Nobody takes the time to get to know anyone… It is too much reading
One who is thoughtful One who cares. One who is genuine – something so rare. Intellectual, understanding, generous and kind. Selfless, strong, hardworking, and unique.
Who I am has always been quite a mystery to others who want to know. I'm never sure why anyone would want to know who I truly am. From the words of people who actually know me, I am apparently nothing more than an ass.
Experiences such as this occur everywhere, alone, in my room, together, with a company of brothers, in claustrophobia, throughout my daily routine. I am a musician.
People see the smile on her face. People see the confident stride with which she walks. People see the radiance beaming from her eyes. But they don't see everything. 
I remember the first time I got angry I ran from the kitchen table through the living room and to the foyer where I tackled my sister. One time, I bit her because she was annoying me.  
everyone used to tell you you can be whatever you want to be but the saying got lost on you once you realized that it isn´t true   you were be a six year old dreaming of the stars
If you would take a look at who I am now… You’d be shocked at the past that trailed behind me….. I was a person who cried at every harmful thing thrown at me, But laughed at it in front of others,
I am here I am everywhere You can hear me touch me and feel me. I'll make you happy Even when you feel crappy When Days are long And nights are lonely Turn me on and you'll
People out here don't think wisely They think it’s cool to go out get drunk and smoke weed instead of thinking it’s cool to get ahead in school
I'm from the world of Polly Pockets, from sidewalk chalk, and the Sounds of Music. I'm from uniforms, blonde braids, from blue eyes, and loud giggles.   I'm from seventeen Oktoberfests, chicken dances,
Slam! On the door, Whimsical life of a caged bird Military, extended family A question of read-wit-write Player of games, the lines of solitude 1       2       3       4       5
Growing up was hard for me It had its ups and downs,
I am a survivor, A survivor of hands that hate. I fear no one, For I have met my tormentor. I have heard words, Words spoken from a snakes tongue, "You are nothing" "You are useless"
I am... I am.. I am? Who am I? I think I am just a girl Trying to make it in this world without breaking I think I am just a girl Who wants to look in the mirror and like what she sees
I am the mind inside the body that you see I am one human in 2015 I am one animal on planet Earth I am one with the universe I am two eyes looking out into space
Poets went from wrting poems to dirges. Bombs too loud to be seen but refusing to be unheard. I laugh. A solemn thought of peace is too absurd.
I am driven and spontaneous
I am from a mother of silky caramel skin and chocolate brown eyes. A mother who gives me goosebumps every time she sings. A hardworking mother filled with smiles, hope, and aid. Who struggles with love. 
  My future will be bright. It has been branded in my mind. With both my good and bad memories, that has made me one of a kind.  
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