What They Don't See

People see the smile on her face.

People see the confident stride with which she walks.

People see the radiance beaming from her eyes.

But they don't see everything. 

What they don't see is the pain on her face every time his name pops up on her phone, begging her to pick up.

What they don't see is the longing to be accepted by the only man she ever knew to call dad, slowing her steps at times. 

What they don't see is the hunger in her eyes as she ignores her rumbling stomach because food is uninteresting.

But maybe they do see everything.

She smiles to hide the pain he leaves her with all the time, determined to push past and move on.

She walks confidently because she won't allow her standing in this world to be decided by someone who hasn't raised her.

She appears beautiful because, even without earthly nourishment, God looks out for her and fills her with His love. 

She will go on, because the love shown to her strengthened her, and the trials that came her way she was able to overcome.

Without giving up, she is able to show the world what they don't see. 



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