Me, Myself, & I Am...


Rowan College at Burlington County
900 College Circle, Mount Laurel, NJ
United States
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Usually when people hear that word
You are asking the wrong one hun
As a society complicated means issues
And issues mean DO NOT PASS GO
No, not towards that person
THE OTHER WAY, good job, you’re safe now
But that is what I am
19 years of twists and turns
Falls and burns
Joy and laughter
Despair and disaster
Born into a complicated and discombobulated world
Go ahead, judge me
It’s ok, I get it
I don’t fit into the perfect little stereotypes you had planned for me
I am apart of a completely different puzzle
Unbeknownst to you
I am outside that spectrum of what little universe you have discovered
Beyond your comprehension
You want to know why and how?
I’ll tell you
But you need to listen closely because I’ll only say it once
I am this way because I let myself be complicated
I know right?
So mind blowing that being myself makes me different
Who could’ve known?
You know what?
I think I know who
The maker and creator of what we know and don’t know
And when I’m brave enough
I imagine what the process was like when I was being created
And no, I am not referring to when my parents did the do
I am talking about before that
I’m thinking there was a cauldron
Already filled up with the untainted and unconditional love of a child
And to that boiling pot of awesome sauce, things were added
2 drops of doe like eyes
20 drops of long nails and nail beds
2 globs of thunder thighs
A handful of sarcasm
An infinite thirst for knowledge
A splash of warrior spirit
Etcetera etcetera
And so on and so on
Who dropped a giant container of complicated?
Or maybe it was added little by little as I grew
Making me perfectly flawed
Like all other humans on this Earth
Here the eff I am
All types of craziness
Wrapped in a layer of “I want to love everybody but I don’t like them humans”
I am beautifully and wonderfully made
Always going against the grain
As dangerous as a grenade
One pull and very soon, I’ll detonate
Exploding the perfectly constructed bubble you have lived in
Piercing you with my shrapnel
Blunt truth
Stubborn non acceptance of what people in charge say
Short lived youth
And from the majority
Breaking away
But who’s the jury and judge?
The brains behind the operation
The person who claims being different is illegal
Never willing to budge
Without a little nudge
Or a bribe
So since I can do or give neither
I have been thrown in this maximum security prison
The ones we never hear about
Because they “don’t exist”
Or so we’re told
But it does exist
And I am here
In constant turmoil
As they try to break me
Trying to make me think I’m crazy
Using the faustus method
Molding me into somebody I’m not
Trying to rebuild me into their willing robot
Torturing my mind beyond recognition
To take away my different
My complicated...

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