Fighting-Willed Caged Bird

Slam! On the door,

Whimsical life of a caged bird

Military, extended family

A question of read-wit-write

Player of games, the lines of solitude

1       2       3       4       5

numbered pride

Move to die side 6

Honors to ease to challenge returned

Education is a problem resolved.


Distant, inward cries,

living with the trickster’s lies

through middle years until

I sparred to thrive.

Take my pen as my blade,

slash and swing, zoom past judgment

I AM..!


Slam! Forevermore – and more!

A warrior of pen, pro-fess-ion-ALL

the way to the final boss

where the ink is shining

and feather shake, restless.

Countdown begins

lock rumbles, battle ON.


Quiet, docile, careful, considerate,

noted down on my profile

little daisy to elegant rose

dance among fragrance and chirps,

weave sentences with words, sew the pieces into paragraphs.

Craftsmanship, THE way to victory,

the PATH of time

to make something, not nothing

of a memory, a laugh, a tear.

I am what others may think

so as TO say what is too frequent,

a debate of my SELF

How can a bird take flight?


Slam! Breakthrough, war 

of what it means to have


My feathers ruffle, the cage can no longer hold,

Released in its defeat.

This is a state of mind,

Seeker’s mentality,

Thinker’s reality.

         I AM

My dream, hope, persistence of the definition of INDEPENDENT.




Pursued from shyness and making fantasy worlds mine

Army brat dove turned brilliant, veteran eagle,

Learning student to ever-growing, taught,

I am a soldier, a budding flower, protectorate of creativity,

My sword in use to log my everlasting journey.


Slam! Come the moment, soar


is a wonder of


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