One who is thoughtful

One who cares.

One who is genuine – something so rare.

Intellectual, understanding, generous and kind.

Selfless, strong, hardworking, and unique.

A perfectionist with a complex mind – not just anything will do.


Bubbly, lively, and fun to be around, she has a sense of humor and a love of laughter.

Despite this, she can be easily angered.

She hates conflict and confrontation, but will defend herself if need be.

Although she is confident, and lacks insecurities

She is humble and sees everyone as equals.

She yearns for unity.


She can’t live without music, for it is her inspiration and her life.

She enjoys watching Anime and speaking Japanese.

Is drawn to stylish and sparkly things, and has a fondness for food.

She would favor a quiet night in rather than going out.


She is independent and observant

Always busy thinking, contemplating something or using her imagination.

Though she appears as solemn and stony – faced on the outside, inside there lies a heart of gold

That beats and swells with all of her passions, hopes and dreams.


So many dreams that she doesn’t know where to begin.

So many ideas that never have the chance to be acknowledged.

She loves expressing herself through singing, dancing, acting and writing.

So much potential – all  still locked away in her mind.

Aching to be released one day.


She is able to see the beauty in everything –

In the seasons, and how they morph into the next, each one so remarkably distinct.

In the vibrant blue of the sky, or even when it’s gray.

In the fluffiness of the clouds.

In a single leaf that has changed color and detached from it’s source.

How everything is shrouded in a blanket of pure white after it snows.

In a budding flower on a tree.

In the smell of the rain.

Even in the puddles that form in the crevices between the sidewalk and the street.


Though she possesses this gentle and appreciative quality, she is surrounded by inconsiderate people who act so strange towards her and only her.

Who differentiate immensely from her.

The kindness she shows to everyone is never returned or appreciated.

The neutral love she has for them isn’t reciprocated.

Like a rock weathered by the storm, she has been damaged by this world.

She has grown weary of it.

Terribly misunderstood, she stays to herself.


She is her own best friend, and values solitude over anything else

Where she will speak and listen in a room of dreams that reverberate off the glass walls of her created world.

Constantly she wishes to fly into the vast sky that she always gazed at, never to return.


She is me.

And as myself I will remain.

Regardless of any idiotic assumptions or obstacles that stand in my way

I will keep fighting, to fulfill a higher purpose.

I will continue to climb the tallest mountain

Singing the song of Maylynn, for all the world to hear.

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