Who I Am

Who I am has always been quite a mystery to others who want to know.

I'm never sure why anyone would want to know who I truly am.

From the words of people who actually know me, I am apparently nothing more than an ass.

Be those words just playful banter or not, I do not know why they even tolerate me.

But I guess there has always been this sort of gentle air that those who care actually get to see.

I guess it is during this gentle nature, that I am subjected to being seen as a man of interest.

But it is also during this gentle nature that I try to repel my frends away, because the more gentle I am, the more emotions I have.

And these emotions I feel, these deeply suppressed emotions that I choose to neglect are those from a darker time.

Those times of dark are times I never choose to speak about except through my own creativity. 

My own haven to get away from my head is nothing more than a cell made entirely of paper and ink.

But I would rather spend my time in the writings than my own head because the moment I go back to my own head,

I fear I can never go back to my safe haven.

I never want to leave my nice little cell, I just want to stay in there but sadly,

Somewhere out there in the real world I am needed to leave my little paradise.

Wheteher it be just for a few moments or several days, I always find a way to run.

Run back to the cell I call home as the vessel I use to write meets the paper, carrying me home.

My home might look like nothing to those who don't understand, but to those who do,

They know my home holds the highest of places where the sun always shines,

But it also holds the lowest of places where not even the moon can be seen as everything crawls around trying to survive.

In order to survive in my home, you need to be able to have creativity

But it can not just be regular creativiity, it has to be original creativity.

This creativity has to be forged by the wordsmith's mightiest design,

It has to be able to provide you shelter during the monsoons of depression,

It has to be able to pierce through the dragon that protects hope

And most importantly, it has to be able to catch you after the plummet off of the cliff of SURPRISE!

If your creativity has helped you made it that far into my life, or maybe you're just stubborn enough to make a point, I commend your valor.

You will finally understand who I am.

Who I am is no big mystery as it appears to be.

I am a man with a dark past, but a bright future.

I am a man who thinks of heroes, but speaks of intellect.

I am a man who is absent during times of good, but is present to comfort in times of bad.

I am an ass as my friends call me.

I am a man with a good-natured heart.

I am Daniel Luedee.

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