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A World of Silence, Music a Quiet Cadence, A Light, so Bright, Shines, Our Hearts a symphony entwines, Melodies in Life's Balance.
Reading sheet music is the art of taking meaningless symbols and translating them onto the instrument, letting the notes quiver in the air, and letting a feeling take shape.  Play a delicate melody; piano
My feet hang down, warmed by the freezing water My soles brushing the pebbles that cover the bottom It feels as though the water is trying to drag my body away
Quero a palavra que não se há como dizer a música que não se entoe o poema que se não leia nem a baixa voz o som que não se há como ouvir.   Arte é isso Não se pode explicar senão por si  
Echoes of past memories flow through the musician's mind Bringing the warm,fuzzy feelings that reminiscence brings Ones of songs, dances, and rhythms all intertwined
AirPods soldered to my brain cortex  Because even when  I press  Pause I can still hear the music  In my head 
Im sorry you'll never understand meI'm sorry that I pretended like I was happyI'm sorry that it was too much to carryI'm sorry that it was too scary Know it's sad but I remember as a kid it was roughAlways thought we had it all, what I was missing
Quiet I believe that I keep to myself I know talking is not exactly my forte  Words wrestle within my anxious mind Left for me to wonder what I should say  
Quiet I believe that I keep to myself I know talking is not exactly my forte  Words wrestle within my anxious mind Left for me to wonder what I should say  
sitting at grandfather's anccient piano, letting the broken melodies she creates fill the room. 5 years old girl would find her passion, and her love of music starts to bloom.   Fast foward 13 years,
Anger and frustration Boiling from the inside My mind has left the station “Wolf” has the boy cried   To push away My ear are covered
Anger and frustration Boiling from the inside My mind has left the station “Wolf” has the boy cried   To push away My ear are covered
A simple beat. Four measures. Guitar. Drums. Vocals. The first verse drifts into my ears. My heartbeat falls into rhythm with the bass.
Without music I am mute, A wondering soul with nothing new. I’m dead inside without her grace, She surely fills a room’a dead space. So much light surrounds her body, To take me from my gloom.
Inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes, Inspiration comes with surprises! Inspiration hits from many different angles, But sometimes, inspiration is painful.  
The quick tap of my thumb Sends a world of color rushing to my ears. From high pitched to low melodies every sound is quite unique, And is inviting me, asking the question:
Music makes our spirit rejoice in sonorous numbers for sure, a true proposition, lucid and irresistible to endure. Another dress in destinies wardrobe confined, inordinate mysteries of creation what cannot be denied.
The star shine is bright, blinding sparkling blue and red and orange and yellow so she has to squint. The contrast of light against the  total black of the night sky is nearly unbearable.  
O Music! Towards you I wander  after longing for a lovely friend.  You open your arms wide, tell me I’m not alone,  hold me close to your soul, 
Many paths with no clear direction of which one reaches stronger.   I can hear one calling harmoniously. I can see one shine beautilfy. I can feel one move gracefully.  
Bells.Ring deafeningly.With means of girls and boys.Underneath the original singing.Like bells we were once new and brass.Then reality kicks you in the ass.The metal rusts as you walk from class to class.Subtly the tone turning into sass.As bells
I hear a thumping sound beating out of my chest  Unsure if it’s the music in the distance or an adrenaline rush  Feels like an eternity waiting for my wristband to get scanned
Drop the beat and murder it Can't be in two places at once Hearing the shell drop Like playing piano by key After dark Low beam lights Go blind Lost and found Lost the time
Being bored making rythm In our own minds Pen and paper Creativity flows Rythm drum Times ticking Foots moving rythm Medal ting Mouths are humming Music everywhere I found it again
You nod your head to the beat there's a eerie mood to the music, but that's what makes it special  You can't put your phone down Yours ear aren't just letting you 
You are where the sea and the sky meet-A line of the horizon that many have tried to reachBut so magnificent, so beautiful, so ever changing,that no one can help themselves There are stories you tell of merfolk and fae, that you know like they are
What is fear? Fear is “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.”
In this place I walk alone. Holding my instrument, the trombone. I did not know the people here, but I walked in there freshmen year. My fear was gone in not a month for with my new friends I did triumph.
A David Bowie waistcoat and Gitane cigarettes  Traveling station from station to new town Looking for a new career as the world world falls down Five years reminded me of the babe an absolute beginner
yall Just Wanna Put Me Out My Misery Im Not With The Trickery In Your Minds Its A Prophecy Just Wanna Get On Top Of Me Oh Go Ahead And Bring On Your Atillery I Got This Boundary 
A freezing wind blows upon my upturned face. Do you feel it too when the world spins at this pace? When disaster strikes, we drag out our monsters, But through the night we wait for something softer.  
Music class in 10th grade.  Create tunes.  Synths played The final project Made a video about sampling  It is stitching together music Each artist makes an amount of effort in making their own sound. 
Music can change a mind. Where words fail Music simply picks up. Where a motivational speech loses a war A drum encourages the soldiers to victory. Where classroom notes are forgotten
Dear Professor,   Thank you. Thank you for pushing me to be my better self. Thank you for showing me who I am and who I have the potential to be.   I know you do not respect me,
I lived my life in the shadows Always afraid to find myself I've cried rivers and oceans Ignored my heart and played the part Victim to my deepest fears
You come to me when I’m on top of the world You come carrying songs for the elite For the elegant and strong   You come to me when
The rhythm, the beat. I land on my feet, Through the storm and calm, Ears under your palm.
“Aaaaa-aaa-aa-aa-aa-le-e.” A woman’s voice pierced the silent air, softly and slowly getting louder.   “Aaaaa-aaa-aa-aa-aa-le-e,” sounded again, a heavenly horn summoning a multitude of angels.
Sometimes on long roads I look out the window and watch the grass move The blurring ground brings Honduras back to me I look up and for a moment it's there I can hear it I can feel it
music for me is a lifestyle  its the way i adapt to my day i havent gone a day without music in a while its a form of speech is what i like to say its how i keep up to date its really just my favorite hobby
You are my breath, Sighs of grief, Laughter, Birth You are my sword, Safety, comfort, Identity Through pain you taught me beauty, And through loss you taught me love; You gave me purpose
   What color does poetry claimWhat music does it makeWhat feeling does it hide If poetry was an emotionWould we feel pain?Would we feel the joy?Would we see a different way?
Here’s recognition of the way you dance and sing for me; with your clever, addictive sounds and intriguing patterns, as well as your captivating culture.
I've finally found something that I can look up to It is the continuous flow of every voice I've ever heard crooning a sweet song and having it mean something
Normal people are inspired by the glamorous things in life; Love, sports, mothers, pets, or anything concrete. But what is it that sits in the background on your boring drive to work
  I suppose I'll just start writing. It’s like thinking but confined somewhere between you and me and everybody else.  Silly smiling suspended doubt.  Buildings of brick and steel. Hearts made of mortgages.
[ear]   Music paints the scene when nothing is sung I need no drums, Just the steadily unsteady beat of my pulse   [heart]
stuffed with all this nonsensewishin it would get common or be god senti dont wannanother commentstop with all them drugs its not the hot seti mean maybe mary shes got clarity
Right now I'm laying in my bed Head on a pillow Mind in the clouds A song playing And for once I Feel
Sultry voice, she sings in the shadows of the club Shrouded in a mist of smoke.  Her words pierce my ears. Each word getting stronger and stronger And each passing second I am seduced.
Music's Seduction
Dear friend,   You saved me all those years ago Back when I thought it was the end... Every pain became easier to mend. And you're the reason why. Why I'm still here.  
The moment the sound hits my ear  My world dissapears. The music fills my body like poison through my veins. It's no longer a luxury, But now a necessity. I'm under a spell Not a care in the world.
Dear Natalee: Don't you know that the stars in the sky.. Resemble the twinkle in your eye? The same ones that light up when finding an artist Is what's going to take you the farthest.
Dear Natalee: Don't you know that the stars in the sky.. Resemble the twinkle in your eye? The same ones that light up when finding an artist Is what's going to take you the farthest.
She becomes one with rhythm. She is drawn into silence nothing but instruments; the world arounf her fades. Her and her music are the only ones alive. It possesses her, she is the music.
You know you were my best friend I lost the love of my life Or what I thought was the love of my life, And you were there. You opened up so many doors for me
Marimba, Thank YouFor moments of comfort,For smiles,For strength,For tears and joys. Thank You,You gave me strength with unheard words.You gave me voice in song and talk;You accepted my strengths and weaknesses.Most importantly,You taught me to be
I pick it up and place it on my lips From the first sound Every thing flows out All my emotions Pouring out onto the street sometimes sharp and precise other times soft and calm
Her eyes dance across the sheet, She struggles to catch it as it reaps, It says the things she wouldn't dare, And she turns it into notes floating in the air.
Sonia E Rodriguez Creative adaptation Sonny’s blues story to poem   Nobody The blues began to play
Movements that hypnotize   Unified beats that make you feel inside Sounds that move the listener Intricate patterns and amazing rhythm
I was on this stage not that long ago with less people  Yet suddenly their are thousands of more people It feels like I´ve been here for 80 years I am such a mess
Music is a way for someone to feel emotion. Hands are a way to feel physically.  Hands are tools to which I use every day. I am myself due to gifts such as these hands.
Pour your heart out through the music that surrounds you. Sway your hips to the beat and rhythm like all eyes are depending on you. Step in the valleys that take you to a beautiful, imaginery place.
You take me away You make me feel okay As long as you’re on
This song sounds like sex the beat, steady and rhythmic erotic, teasing   This song sounds like you
I hear you at the train stop The subtle rhythms in the night Sometimes I think you're all I got You're my only ray of light When I'm eventually, inevitably, abandoned and alone
An escape from everything Away from the hatred of the world Away from the terrors of the world Away from the hypocrites of the world To feel good is to feel happy Find happiness and you shall feel peace
 An escape from everything // Away from the hatred of the world // Away from the terrors of the world // Away from the hypocrites of the world // To feel good is to feel happy // Find happiness and you shall feel peace.  
Sometimes I like to imagine that as an embryo  I composed sweet symphonies to the ever changing bpm of my mother’s heart. I dreaded her sadness.
Music Thank you for helping me through all my battles To be without you would put my heart in shambles When you come around you fill my heart with joy  Every moment away is disgusting like soy
Boom, boom, boom. The heart of my body is coordinating with the heart of my drum. Inside, my hollow core is resonating, filling up the silence with sound.
 When I get down and lower than my natural highs,I turn music for my moods to rise.I sway and I dip,sometimes I silently scream to songs,or mouth the words with open lips.Whether via beats, guitars, or even rap bars-music gets me out of it. 
When I'm feeling down and have the blues, I plug in my ear buds to keep my cool, I wrap in my blanket and cover my feet, And close my eyes to feel the beat.
Music It starts out simple, it flows through my bones as a river flows through a marsh, one chord as my fingers achingly slide around the strings or keys. 15 is my lucky number.
How should we feel good? Some write, read, listen Every person is made happy differently Me, I love to listen to music Hearing the soul of another Feeling the love of others
It keeps my heart beating. It keeps my blood pounding. It helps me keep my mind sane. All my favorite lines, it makes me happy, makes me cry. It makes me want to try so much harder.
To wrap around your abdomen like a warm pillow To make you shake your head like yes and no The sweet melodies, are so intrinsic Makes me dare to shake my hips That feel good flow, I must say
Times get tough...   Sometimes times get rough... But that don't stop the loud speakers of something universal   Something, that get's the blood pumping and bodies shaking Something sweet...
Music inspires me everyday. There's not a day where I would go without listening to music. Whenever I`m feeling depressed, ecstatic, hyper, or furious, there is always a song out there that can relate to my situation.
i stare at my keyboard while i try to think when was the last time that i could sing to the top of my lungs and towards the sky when was the last time that i tried to cry
One thing leads to another. When it rains it pours, at least that’s how it seems to be when it comes to me and bad days. Or any bad thing in general.
Flowing through the ears lifting you up Making you move, isn’t it fun Smile on your face as you hear the beat You feel like the world is in sync
It's the relief to my stress, When I listen the beat fills my chest, Calming straight to the core, It's the thing that I'm striving for, Music is my muse, Upon the waves of sound I cruise,
There was once more war on the streets than there was in the Middle East. We dropped bars instead of bodies. They once called rapping only a hobby, but it became part of our everyday society.
There once was a man named Dave Yet drastically different from Goliath unscathed. In dissapointement he was submerged But as fear drew nearer he found courage. Within his headphones, music provided escape.
Dusk, dawn, morning, and noon, I find myself always wanting to listen to you. With persuasive beats that make me want to dance and rhythms that sway to any arising chance, 
Whenever I sail the river of blues, music never fails to lead me to paradise avenue.   My mind seeks refuge in melodic tunes, that bring me delight, allowing me to feel high as a kite.
Your voice spills from the Earth It spews from the soil and resonates It resonates through everything Every word spoken spurts the painful truth
Music is my greatest passion I have the greatest sense of fashion. My job makes me write my own creations Each note tends to have its own vibrations. I have to remember my musical scales
The music flies through my earslike birds flying through the wind.Swift, fast and gracefulMore alluring than the sweet sound of darkness that threatens to overtake me
Music is my redemption Only music can give me temptation Music will save my life Perhaps music can be my wife
I am distracted  I feel the percussions in my head My veins keep vibrating But my vocal chords are standing still My foot is jumping  My heart is racing like a snare My hair is singing 
Though You only work on wi-fi I still need You by my side. I wouldn't use You to call anyone Since no one would come. The only thing I desire Is for Your volume to be higher 50-60-100 songs
Although poor with no control, Nor significant influence to this world, I live and breathe to create and dream, The days when I will live my theme, The pitches and the octaves, To the harmonics I adopted,
All I Need By: Stephen Heine   If I was a poor marooned soul, Stranded on an island away from man. Because without music I have no goal, And I'd wish for a shorter Lifespan.  
  Throughout life, it felt as if it were just a black hole The black hole that takes away every inch of light out me Leaving nothing but darkness And so I walk this earth just marching to sea 
Melodies fill my ears and float through my head. Singing  the most beautiful harmonies until my worries disappear.   Rhythms course through my veins and 
Horrible days often are so silent No words to speak nothing to listen to The nature of those days can be violent One moment you're fine, the next you feel blue   It's like a part of you  has gone away
That familiar tune of twist and shout, A familiar beat that I cant live without. When the time comes and I've lost everything The one thing I need more than anything Is that familiar beat  of the drum
An antidote to the darkness riddling my brain Soothing like Zen, streaming my veins Necromancer of the divine Silencing the churning in my mind From the singing of the birds To the sways of pine
music is in my blood veins  and rains  vibrates my soul strings and chords only lord knows
Cleansing in time of needSavoir of a growing seedThe one thing to keep me hereIn distress it kills my fear
From my parents becoming irate to the gentle of hum of harmonies vibrate This one thing can make it all okay to pick and strum throughout the day even in the warm nights of June I find myself a familiar tune 
While the outside world may become corrupted  and vile,  the purest sanctity we may ever possess  is somewhere deep inside the remnants of our fading frames; it is tattooed within our blacked souls 
Albarn sounded the alarm which ended the self harm The proof is the invisible scar on my arm I was drawn in by the undeniable charm of his art   
I need music to pour into my ears and relax my brain; Need the kick drum to beat to hear my heartbeat, And I need the exhale of a note to inhale life into my lungs.  
Lifesaver   Music Just one word, one idea, Yet it can mean so much.
  As if the drums hadn’t already captured her mind completely And the strings infatuated her inner whims She sat warped by the beautiful utterance of which she had never heard
I remeber it all started in Grandma's den we've been writing love letters since then In third grade i wrote my very first rhyme back then i was learning how to carry dimes you're the girl i always try to impress
I would become mad if I were to listen to the blandness of an empty island and the white noises of nothing on my own solitude.  Hand me my earplugs, for the sounds of the shores have unsatisfied me.  I cannot relate to the harmony of the moon and
Waves cascading along my walls, Relentless sound among the parted air. Her words within those that brought me there, On paper, they were elliptical tipped lines she scrawled.  
All I need is a voice Do I even need that?  All i need is a mind And some feet just to tap A few lyrics to sing Is that really all i need? No, all i eed is a tune Or a simple melody
Listen Open your ears and listen Really listen Can you hear it? The ocean An airplane Wind in the trees A fly A bee Open year ears and listen I can hear it
All I need is a lovely melody. A simple tune that plays for me and you. A soft and harmonizing, and completely tantalizing, Beat that plays on and on, past the break of dawn.
All I need is a lovely melody. A simple tune that plays for me and you. A soft and harmonizing, and completely tantalizing, Beat that plays on and on, past the break of dawn.
It’s just you and music. When you speak, it cannot reply But when you hear what it has to say It speaks volumes. Revelations are formed. Emotions that you have never experienced before,
When dark times come I hum a familar tune to ease my nerves My hands are shaking  I am breaking  I am on my knees ready to fade   Music enters my body and I am saved
If the world was empty and if I could have one gift I’d ask for music and then just listen as I drift I’d go from anywhere to everywhere with lyrics by my side
Everyone knows that feeling, The one when you hear the first seconds of a song And as soon as it clicks you start singing, All caution to the wind, Your screechy, untrained voice belting out notes,
There’s a suffocation, condemnation, when all you hear are foul thoughts. To hear them all destroying you, despite all that you’ve sought.
What I can’t live without Is a hard question to answer, of this you cannot doubt. Some would say love, or bacon-wrapped dove Some would say their favorite book to read through and through endlessly
I can't live without I know, no doubt Music is like breathing The beats are like sleeping Music, Not basic Classic So sick It's ballistic Music is like being alive It's a skydive
The melody pulls me, takes me somewhere else somewhere Better than what I have with simple notes on a page that live through my voice
Six. Six strings. Eighty two. Eighty two keys. A box of reeds. And where does it all take you? A different world waits for you On the other side of these small aspects of your instruments
The music that tears through my eardrums beating a desperate path through my body. Reaching, seeking down deep into my bones. Linkin Park tumbling along my veins.  
Music. I ____ music. It surrounds me, hugging me, moving me, comforting me. I use it to tell people I love them, miss them, am glad to be with them. It knows how I feel: sad, excited, angry, sentimental
There is a song for every emotions Every beat, rhyme, and rythmn can take you to another place  music can tell a story
I am a piece of art, a message of my own.  I may be like the others, but I do stand alone. I have a heartbeat, even though I'm not human. My song plays on repeat, I love to sing to them. 
I am in the midst of my perishing youth
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