The Notes That Don't Ring

Fri, 10/07/2016 - 04:58 -- maby
  • i stare at my keyboard
  • while i try to think
  • when was the last time that i could sing
  • to the top of my lungs and towards the sky
  • when was the last time that i tried to cry
  • looking down at this keyboard
  • while trying to think
  • the tears come too easy
  • and the notes just don’t ring
  • but i remember a time when they did
  • and i would travel mountains to share 
  • the passion within me, the love in the air
  • and they touched many, and many would sing
  • the notes they heard, they gave them this thing
  • some called it bliss and some called it a blessing
  • but i called it my meaning, my grace, my being
  • my passion
  • i stare down at this keyboard
  • and I’m beginning to think
  • the reason why I smile, I love, and admire
  • is because there’s a fire inside that wants to burn brighter
  • it seeks something new, something more, something to aspire
  • and this new path that I’m following gives me hope
  • that after all the drowning, I will float
  • after all this hard work, my heart will sing
  • and on that day the notes will ring
  • and I will travel mountains, I swear
  • to spread the love that I'll be given to share
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