I'm Not Talking About Books

It’s just you and music.

When you speak, it cannot reply

But when you hear what it has to say

It speaks volumes.

Revelations are formed.

Emotions that you have never experienced before,

A sense of euphoria that cannot be explained other

Than the feeling you get from music.

It cheers you up when you’re sad.

When you’re mad, it calms you.

When you’re happy, it celebrates with you.

When you feel lonely, it will be there with you.

It will not answer your questions when you ask,

But instead it will give its own advice.

It will provide the knowledge of a book

And a drum beat as a bonus.

If classical is your thing

You will hear a universal language

That you won’t be speaking

To anyone else.

All you need is a library,

And you will be set.

I’m not talking about books.



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