Hand Poem "Music"

Music is a way for someone to feel emotion. Hands are a way to feel physically. 

Hands are tools to which I use every day. I am myself due to gifts such as these hands.

When I am bored, though, these hands come to life. Drumming as if they were drummers.

Music is a way for the soul to live, but when the soul can't be free my hands start to shake. Becoming puppets to the Marionette known as the soul.

Lyrics and beats are beaten out through each fiber of my hand, eager to dance with the song. 

Music has always been said to be an outside existence to the soul. So when my wrists are bound and I cannot move, the muscles in my hands will twitch. A song springing to my mind and grasping my hands, guiding my fingers to tap to the tune of my everlasting soul with an everlasting song. 

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