Pursuit of Happiness

Fri, 11/15/2019 - 15:23 -- emerrz

I hear a thumping sound beating out of my chest 

Unsure if it’s the music in the distance or an adrenaline rush 

Feels like an eternity waiting for my wristband to get scanned

Waiting to see what the gates hold behind them

It’s finally time 


I step foot into my second home 

Feeling serenity and euphoria 

The abundance of inspiration and love I feel in a place that is my escape

An escape from reality 


I arrive to the stage

Taking everything in and embracing the environment around me


This is why I work a nine to five 

Stick my nose in a book five days a week 


To savor moments like this 

My heart is on the dance floor 

No worries, No hate, No stress

It’s me, myself, and I dancing in a crowd of music 

Lost in a crowd full of people who share the same ambitions as me 


It’s the finale

The last song of the night

My heart drops to my stomach

I raise my hands in the air and watch the paper thin confetti pass through them 

I sing my heart out one last time 

Tears coming out of my eyes 

Hugs from beloved strangers 

Trading kandi pieces, establishing new friendships


This is my inspiration to work hard everyday 

This is my pursuit of happiness


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