What I can't live without

What I can’t live without

Is a hard question to answer, of this you cannot doubt.

Some would say love, or bacon-wrapped dove

Some would say their favorite book to read through and through endlessly

Some would say they don’t know what to bring, because the idea has just too much complexity

but I would say my viola, that I occasionally call Ricola.


Music is always called a remedy

It can be the cure for any type of mallady

So I would bring an instrument, so that its end would never be a imminent

Music is life, but a battery’s does not last

So my MP3 would be obsolete fast

But with a viola, the music goes on, for you can play until dawn

Everyone has music because all have a soul

You can play as you wander aimlessly through a shoal

The deserted island becomes more beautiful, as your playing becomes more dutiful

I guess what I would bring is really just any way to make a melody,

Because as your tortured person rests all alone on that deserted hell, it could become more heavenly.

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