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The sun had risen to the sky
I've spent a lot of time in the bathroom.
I am ready. The future is in my sight and steady. I am motivated.
I am crashing  Nothing I can do will ever stop the slashing. A girl dying inside And no one has even tried.
Determination is the firmness of purpose
I am the sum of my parents Divide by our income Multiplied by debt That equals regret   I am the class nerd Who hangs on every word That loves school And is marginally uncool  
I was strong. I was stronger than you ever wanted me to be. I was strong in the face of your words, your actions, your “love”. You called me weak.
I am quiet I am shy Too shy for a 16 year old I keep my mouth shut And my mind loud If you speak to me I will speak to you I am not rude I am nice Too nice sometimes
How do i de
I am a woman with great potential. People tell me how put together I am and how much hope I have. I analyze in every moment, Imitating body movements and catching subtle cues.
  Eyes like marbles, brown, blue, and green, Button nose, undefined, lies inbetween.  Lips lie below, small and thin, A quiet voice and creative mind hidden within.   
    I am broken,  Broken heart, Broken dreams, Broken thoughts.   I am hurting, Hurting heart, Hurting dreams,
I am not a novice nor am I in shame, I hang my head high and away from the wrong claim. I do no reside deep within, And I am better as I've always been.   I hold standards well above,
I am diverse, unlike everyone you see before you. I am a young man, looking for an opportunity to make something of myself. I am a man of goals and a mind set to do whatever is necessary tacieve my goals.
Sometimes I feel like I have not done my best Even though I have given it my all Sometimes I feel like a failure Even though I am a winner Sometimes I wish for things that can not be
A rebel chid raised in a grounded home she has always felt alone The darkness came in along with all of its sin
I am only me. Take a look and may see. whats on the outside. but how about within. I am on a journey. You can see. I have goals. They're on a rocky road you see. I won't give in. No not me. I will not fail. I am only me.
Where are you from, seems to be the question everyone is dying to know. Let me just say I'm not from roses and dandelions, nor butterflies and lady bugs. So where am I from?
I am the queen of disorientation.  There were bumble bees building nests in my hair and now I'm made of honey combes; but sometimes my sweetness can go sour under pressure.
I am a house made of repairs. Whose foundation was built on a mother's prayers. And was worn down, brick by brick, when a father built up walls too thick. But a mother helped me paint my walls,
"Who are you?" They ask. "I am me." The words slip out, smooth, fast, unstoppable. "No, who are you?" Persistent, irritating, nails on a chalkboard.
The numbers continue to grow but the mind does not count It goes by guessing while the numbers continue to grow Is it not apart of life to want more To wish that the mind could expand, conquer and worship
I am usually barefoot I wonder what others think of me I hear ignorance everywhere I want an impractical number of dogs I am usually barefoot  I pretend I know what I'm doing I touch the lives of many
 "The instructor said, 'Go home and write A page tonight And let that page come out of you-
I am a masterpiece. An instrument crafted in silver by the skilled Creator Who made Heart beat Hands raise Feet dance Ears hear Voice sing   To join with others!
The rain pours down hard and I walk through the door pitter patter goes the rain as droplets crash to the floor Shrugging off my coat I see he is there drunk like never before
I am ambitious. I wonder about how I can become successful.
I am from the bumpy sidewalk From coconut cake and & tiny slivers I am from delicate China, softly washed and Delicately handled I am from skinned knees and training wheels
I am everything they said i could not be The media told me i wasn't pretty enough but as i stand in the mirror... I am I am the silent breeze that flows through the trees A force of nature moving in silence
Lack of a father figure while growing up. Never bothered me, because I had a back-up. My grandpa showed me what a real man is. Now I can't wait until I have kids. My father was selfish,
Strong. Wise words my mother once spoke, grind in my ears until i am forced to become what she told me. Strong.  I fall? Get back up, there is no room for me to lay on the ground. Strong.
It's past midnight And the demons came out during the night They whispered and murmured in my head I stared at the ceiling Hoping and praying it'll all go away I screamed, hopelessly
Have you ever wondered what truly defines a person? As we grow up we slowly understand what defines us A memory that lingers in our mind.... That has the ability to break us and torment us  
I am the mastermind of creation. The envy of others. The end all be all. The source of their jealousy and indignation. If you are on the radio, I will change the station. To me blah blah, talk game with it all backed up.
Everyone is who they are because of what happened before, Mind ya biz, look from afar, through that open door I am who I am because of how I was taught, I chose what I wanted to learn, a conscious thought.  
Beautiful am I Because I learned to let go Because I learned not to care what others thought of me Because I love myself Because I love others   Strong am I Because I stood up for myself
I'm really just a person that wants to be the Sun. Student athlete, straight A student, I have goals and hopes and dreams, They are average nothing special; To be a wife and mother,
​Don't ever say that you can not forgive me for what I did to you.
As I walk through the funhouse my image changes
people people dont have no remorselife to shortsooner or later you be layingbeing pulled by a black horseyour good and not your mistakesis all you need to endorse
I am Exactly what you want to see I am Everything that you’ve ever wanted for me I am The culmination of my mom and dad’s dream I am Sheltered by the branches of a willow tree. I am
I am the one. The one who dreams of having strength and saving the world yet cannot break out of my four walled closet.   I am the one. The one who wants to be strong
In Sixth Grade we wrote an "I..." poem, and this was it "I am not to be messed with I wonder what will happen next I hear people talking
Who am I?   Often we find it hard to define ourselves, plagued by the influence of society. Am I really me? Or am I just a part of the conspiracy? A face blended into the crowd,
Wake up in the morning drinking from unsatisfied milk Showering in something that doesn't feel like silk I'm desperate, searching for my meaning  But, I am me   
Strong, Through struggles and battles Ambitious,  Through knowledge and experience
I am Jada I am Strong, and Beautiful I am not just an Ordinary Jada I am One of A Kind I am Talented I am A Beautiful Black Teen I am Outgoing
I am a human being. I have eyes that can see, A mouth that can speak, and ears that can hear. I am a human being.
I am someone who is happy with myself. I don't care what others think. Why should I? Why should anyone care what anyone thinks about them? The short answer: they shouldn't.
Pain. The unmistakable feeling of pain The good pain The bad pain The unwanted pain Yeah,i like pain I also hate pain
Who I am is unclear, for I am a process,  the creaton of mysel in my image. Matmatically, I do no exist by such definiton. By words, I am "unclear or not defined"  
I am a human being, a citizen of this world I am American, but I'm also Canadian  I am a New Yorker and a high school senior and a daughter and sister and friend
I am a painter More often without canvas and paints than with. Images and colors dance from my eyes  to brain.  Creating magnificence and beauty within. I am a story teller
My middle name is a four letter word,
A book titled read me. just becase my title says these words doesnt mean im open for discussion. Not a gas leak, no, I am not a engine facing combustion 
I am from lawn mowers, from John Deere, and diesel. I am from the valley, small houses with large families, and the smell of donuts wafting through the shutters.
I pieced all the evidence together and found that I, most likely, came from a ripped up piece of latex, one snowy summer night in a cabin down in New Mexico. Yet, though I came from broken things and with unexpected news,
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