Defined by Nothing

Who I am is unclear, for I am a process,  the creaton of mysel in my image.

Matmatically, I do no exist by such definiton. By words, I am "unclear or not defined"


In the midst of living an exsistence of uncertainity and not truly knowng who I am, I can become lost or

uncertan, and stray and latch on to things just so I can feel the sense of meaning and belonging we all

wish to feel, even though such things are not truly me. But who is to say what is me, I have no



I could wonder the nothingness of my being but a brightness that shines on my nothingness, that with

no definition I can be anything. With the matter of choice, I can choose to be great, I can create who I

am into to who I want to be. I can rise through the ranks, and be anything I want and conquer all

obstacles that are in my way. Nothing can be too good because I can define myself to be greaterv

than them.


I may not be there now, but I choose to aspire to be great.A journey from uncertainity to sky.

However, for now, I am undefined where by definition anythings possible.

This poem is about: 



I couldn't bound myself to a narrow ridge of elements for one word. That's where I got the concept for using the word undefined. I feel as though since I'm young, i know where i want to go and who I want to be but it's a process and I'm not there yet. Growing up is a process and i'm not completely sure who i am yet, i still have ways to go and things to experiance and lessons to learn before I get an idea for who I am. Being so unsure of what the rest of my life holds for me, I don't really think I can define myself with one word just yet.

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