The Leo's Code

I am not a novice nor am I in shame,

I hang my head high and away from the wrong claim.

I do no reside deep within,

And I am better as I've always been.


I hold standards well above,

And give the needed shove.

I hold no fold in listening to preachings,

I'd rather be the one with the teachings.


I am deemed a lion, a warrior in fight,

But, as a human I exceed the sight. 

I do stand proud,

Not afraid of the crowd.


A leader must lead,

And never be run by greed.

I must follow my own path,

And never suffer someone's else's wrath.


I must hold strong,

And forget every wrong.

Look past my apperance of danger,

And into the heart of a loving stranger.


I must be open minded,

Because I am no longer blinded.

I must simply move on,

Not live in the past for what is gone.


Never again,

I will not  remain a broken chain.

Forever a gain,

Always a sister, a friend, and daughter in vain.




This poem is about: 
Our world


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