everything is awesome

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I am often tested
Your given civil liberties such as the right to free speech They become the tools to fight social iniquity! For those who are blind to racial discrimination and crime,
  Pray for us, as America will come for us.   This system,  Being meant for us all to fit into a convict trust. Revealing a deep need to travel over seas,
Everyone can say a million different things that are awesome to them Those opinions are solid precious diamonds and gems…..
The world around us is constantly moving Even the smallest flower is beautifully blooming. If a bud so small gets a chance to bloom A human so tall, chance as well should assume.
I’m an optimist. But even I can tell. Our world is hurting; for some it’s living hell. People are blind to the truth. They say there are no absolutes. We’re living without hope, just trying to make it through.  
Everything is awful... Went to college for three years straight ... including summers Wasted every weekend studying for exams Broke my pelvis in a car accident Lived with roommates who drove me crazy
  I open my mouth to describe the love I have a
My bestfriend name is Chel'sea and she is pretty awesome This year had been challing, rough, and tough But my bestfriend Chel'sea has helped me out so much I've had fears, been denied, and cried plenty tears
I love to pet dogs, With their hairy paws, Stick bone or ball, They love in their jaws.   Have been at our side, For thousand of years, Accompanying tears,
How about that weather? It's great isn't it? Feeling your summer days, with that cheerful summer haze? No school in session, no cliques to worry about,  isn't everything awesome?  
Fighting hurt slavery child labor child wars
The beauty of life, can be seen in so many place, in so many people, some fail to see it, others stop to admire the amzing things life has to offer. When you find the beauty in this world,
As I put my clarinet together Blowing air through my horn to fill my instrument I start to feel the vibrations on my finger tips Putting my heart and soul into each note
Everything Is Awesome It is amazing how we rest and store energy To wake up again and again from the kissing sun
There's this girl I know, she made my life change.  My friend introduced us one day. Despite looking bad, She must've thought I was rad. We started slow, as friends, not moving fast.
I wake up from a dream like no other, staring at the wall. My eyes wide open to the endless possibility of the new day. I see inventive colors, bright and dazzle all around me.
Everything in the universe is awesome. Every person, place, object, and idea are one of a kind. Every where something new is occurring. Every moment an amazing new experience.
Everything in the universe is awesome. Every person, place, object, and idea are one of a kind. Every where something new is occurring. Every moment an amazing new experience.
Here I stand, In the middle of the road Not knowing, Just waiting, to find The way I should go   There I see it A few miles ahead A few more steps to take On this journey
The other day I felt down and sad, I had so many problems I could not deal with, The thoughts kept buzzing making me mad, All the bad was unreal, a horrifying myth. I could not handle it, so I sat back and thought,
I am aware of the stress,
I start up my mornings with a nice early shower. That’s how I start my day. You may start that way too. Perhaps you prefer evenings for taking showers, But does that make me more awesome than you?  
Deeply immersed in the d
and I was so sad because I had disappointed myself yet again 
I grew up with a mother as my father who never knew her own but she loved me and my sisters with fists and kisses so our children will know theirs.
The sound of baseball is beautiful, The bat making contact with the ball, the ball hittiing the catches mitt, the shortstop supporting his pitcher "Come on kid we have two outs lets get this done"
I am Tammy TortoiseBrown and green and blue and turquoiseTo do my best I am always poisedBecause I know my life has great purpoiseYes, I'm small and slowIt has no negative effect, though
The sun pierces you're skin shades You woke up alive  The same one hit wonder relentlessly plays You can hear
A cynic will tell you that the world is on its way to disaster. He'll tell you that everyone is only in it for themselves.
I’m breaking. Snapping in two like a pencil gripped two hard Scarred, like I stepped on a piece of glass Thinner than a blade of grass Trapped inside my fingertip Then I slip
While I drive, exercise, sleep, do homework "Shut up and dance with me" Or do just about anything, there's one constant: Music.  "Take me into your loving arms, kiss me under the light of a thousand stars"
Man’s best friend, who is always by your side, Energy filled, he is eager to please. You give him love and a place to reside. Caring for your friend does not come with ease.
There is something we can all learn  From a little lego man  No matter how your day has turned You still do stand a chance    There is hope for little Emmet He sees the light where there is dark 
Butterflies soaring. Reaching for the clouds. As I lay in the grass, staring at them. Picking figures out. Under the tall oak trees. Gazing at the sky of blue.
Everything is awesome Until you reaize that it's not The wold is ugly With vitiation it is wrought The sky will always rain, and the world is filled with pain Pessimim reminds us why we must refrain  
This plane you find yourself in      is just one glimpse of one dimension, among many others Look out,      organic nature surges from the soil           synthetic somethings jut out from this scene.
Everything was awesome Everything was cool when you were with the team Everything was awesome when you were living in a dream That’s what you tell yourself
If joy flits away and the candle burns low, And if children cry while dragons fly, Turn your eyes to the stars and steady your feet below.   If tears fill your heart of glass, lo!
Snakes curling around my ribs Shifting and twitching, forming my cartilage Wringing the air from my lungs The breath curling out of my mouth in the same way water falls from a cloth Eyes closed and lips curled
You never realize it until you do things on your own. All your life your parents provide a home, your clothes, food, transportation... You never realize  how much they provide,
Open, Solitude No phones, freedom from online Relaxing, road  
When life gets down it seem like you notice all the little things. The cracks in the sidewalk, the birds that sing their song That little dent in your car. Its only when things get bad that the little things stand out.
Nature- Completely organic, completely, Raw. Her Guardians- Trees Her Song- Wind Her Tears- Rain Her Rage! - Thunder She is the life- giver, without Her we would be Dead.  
I am a man stuck between several other states and a body of water but with my mind i have seen the world and all of her woes so i am the vigilante to do away with all injustice but i am glued to the ground yet to give up on a small dream that bec
The cheese that oozes out as the grease sizzles and the bread turns golden is what brings joy to the foodie. 
It started off with the alarm, alerting that my day had just begun. The iPhone yelled into my ear causing my dreams to be undone. I got dressed and brushed my teeth, curled my hair and went down to eat.
Literally in awe, Of how awesome, Some of us are. Not every thing, Not every one, But some. Many, in fact. But not all. Hence- awe-some.
How is it the mind works? Truly, how is thought expressed? Because my mind makes synapses; They filter deep within and fester.   That is, until they leave or cannot exist.
She stands tall
When my throat is raw and my eyes are red from words both unspoken and said I hear, The pitter patter of the rain replicating my pain
I'm left behind, madness seeping in my mind I can't think of anything, I'm trying to solve everything Fix this problem and solve this mess, doesn't matter that I'm dying from stress
Oh yes there is violence hatred destruction pollution murder crime disaster homelessness
I have a big Green house on a hill and it’s Giant and clean And full of space and I Can’t wait To get it filled up with things that Portray my New life with my husband.  
I move the sliding door out of my way. I step down onto the balcony as the warm summer night breeze touches my skin as if to welcome me as this wonderful celebration begins. My eyes are only tempted to look up at the dark sky.
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