A slightly bad day but #EverythingIsAwesome !

It started off with the alarm,

alerting that my day had just begun.

The iPhone yelled into my ear

causing my dreams to be undone.

I got dressed and brushed my teeth,

curled my hair and went down to eat.

The lunch and breakfast mom made was ready

so I grabbed it off the counter.

I headed out the door with my sister,

to find I'm low on gas and rain is in a downpour.

But at least I have a bed, an iPhone, and running water.

And at least I have food, a mother, a car, and decent weather.

I'm thankful for the things I have, because everything is awesome!


After stopping for gas we arrive at school

late but not tardy to class.

Scrambling for the homework,

I remember I left it on my home desk.

"I'll turn it in tomorrow, I promise!"

are the words my teacher hears too often.

Hours pass as I try to stay awake,

studying kept me up too late.

But at least I have gas money, public education, and a teacher so generous.

And at least I have parents who push me to do my best.

I'm thankful for the things I have, because everything is awesome! 


Often we overlook the unpleasant experiences we have in life,

but the fact that we experience unpleasant things is reason to feel awesome.

Without pain, we would not know blessings

Without hardships, we would not be inspired.

Life, joy, pain, school, mothers, teachers, cars, jobs, food, water.

Everything is awesome.

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