Don't Forget What it Means

Everything was awesome

Everything was cool when you were with the team

Everything was awesome when you were living in a dream

That’s what you tell yourself

Every day as you walk around shoulders shrugged and sarcastically say

‘Great that’s awesome.’


Why so Negative?

Don’t you remember, can’t you remember

What that word actually means


Remember you saw a caterpillar burst through a cocoon

And your eyes lit with amazement, because it was awesome

Remember the time you saw your first magic show

It was so awesome it made you believe that there’s more


You may not believe what I say

You say you were just a mere boy

 When everything was awesome

Then explain to me why your smiles continues to grow

As you explored more


At the sight of heavy rain, it made you slightly sad

For the sun hid from you

Fear not for it was not gone long

It crept through the clouds and its light stretched across the sky

Your eyes reflected each color and your mouth formed an O

Oh, wow, A rainbow

That’s awesome


The moments like that kept going

To time you heard a lion roar

And felt it through your chest

From the first time you held her hand

And had your first kiss

All the way till you said ‘I do’

And your first little girl said ‘I love you’


Remember those times when that word meant so much more

The moments may have been so long ago

But they haven’t disappeared, in fact there’s more

it’s the little things in life that have so much worth

They make your heart jump and your eyes fill with tears

Then you remember that it is truly awesome to be here.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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