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WORDS TO A SHOOTING STAR It's 7pm in the evening the sun seem to had gone for the day and the moon has started showcasing it's Ray..
The inspiration I have gathered and grasped  from the ashes of this exhausted relief  fuels a fire untouchable to man    Rising up as the fire burns inside 
Waking up, thinking about back in the day. The kids got up, went outside to play. Things was groovy, hey. Until everything started to change. The world suddenly got rearraged. The people really went deranged.
he was shot, In the back. We knew what was comIng, we had for a while, the man came to our doorStep, but didn't make a sound. we knew He was here to take, not to give, the man began to steal, to rob and to threat.
I can still hear it ringing in my ear It’s been months now, but I still can’t shake the fear Tears roll down my face Thinking back on the time when I was all but safe       I still remember the stormy weather
Summer’s here and the Sun’s Glare Brings little children—aliens— With tinted vision to live in a Body [of water] that is not their home. They see reaching arms
i am human... I ask my parents for advice, I dont ask them to beat me I am human... I get in the bus, they throw my backpack through the window I Am human...
Teachers draggingNo one listeningStudents textingLooking down
Our founding fathers figured that we have to sacrifice some individual freedoms to secure larger freedoms for all.
Eyes open I can feel but not see, What is this pain overwhelming me? Am I alive, Can I breathe?   You see not long ago it was you and me, You and I, He and she there- I was alive, I could breathe.
Friend you left me alone today. Heaven your mind will depart to. Body stays to decompose down. You are now part of Earth's soul.   Friend you left me days ago now.
49 colorful souls un-willingly sentenced to a dark abyss ...        or possibly an eternity on cloud nine? Shots ringing...       The immense fear of what might...   Rewind...
Pulse defines Life Life  defined by Love Love defined by One One  decides Wrong and Right "Right"  takes 49 Lives Lives robbed of their Pulse Pulse
my father tells me to be quieter as i’m washing the dishesso he can hear the news,hear about the 102 people shot in orlando last weekendand the candlelight vigil i didn’t attend because i had to work
Rainbows or Solids Experience or Knowledge Christian or Atheist No matter what, here he is.   This is a child. This is someone's worthwhile. He is loved by someone, 
What's to be said for gun control? Don't you realise that everyone lying now dead Had the chance to carry, to defend themselves But went to the nightclub empty-handed instead?  
Two shots ring out,  Everyone hearing people shout.  Two more, three more, four more.  The shooter blocking the door. 11 bodies laying there,  Lived one's later thinking this isn't fair. 
Image author unknown   Those grey birds They beat their wings Droves of feathers following Up and up into the air Flying high with little care One bird, two birds
Hey it's me, your son. You see Mom, Jesus. I'm sorry Mom. Oh God, I didn't mean to do this mom. I've got time for this last call, and it went straight to voicemail.
Are we awesome? Nah, maybe were just ordindary Many of my people locked away in solitary Causing this huge diversionary How can they call themselves honorary?
My old high school is haunted That what everyone says Not to me that would be absurd Still, it's what I've heard   I wander through these halls alone for now a pale kid known for his hand-me-downs.
on the corner of Madison and Wells, a ghost with a gray cotton tee and tattered jeans saw my red lace dress and started deer hunting. he wasn’t timid, only lanky, and gripped the ground 
"A Shooting at (Insert name here) School has left (Insert Number here) dead and (Insert larger number here) wounded. Police have blocked off the area and people have been escorted out of the building.
  Crips and Bloods, robbers and killers. Crips and Bloods, murders and stealers.
Consistant abominations test my patience from that sticky gum under a desk
Tears drip,
`Shooter `fool-Hero such a pity `witness `more important witness `some kid `News Reporter `Dentist `Concerned Citizen         They all hate me They all hate me
The room goes blank.
I saw it all, just because my locker was next to his. His silent cries, the bully can't hear ring through my own two ears. The bully will push and shove, and the kid will be silent, but cry out for love.
4/20/2007 Dear Diary, I write this poem in memory of all lives lost in the tragedy, to give strength to their families, and to prevent any further calamities.   ***  
The quarry stands unaware
It's more than a shooting It's more than a few dead people Innocent bystanders Two people wanting to fit in Invisible to the rest Bullied and pushed We can stop the madness One time gone too far
The Black Death stands with his herd nibbling on the tough, stubby grass. The large crown adorning his head gleaming in the noon-time sun.
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