April 20th, 2018

Our founding fathers figured that we have to sacrifice some individual freedoms to secure larger freedoms for all.

Unresricted guns are no longer a freedom we can afford. My brother, mother, aunt, cousins, friends, self, cannot keep doing this.

When the fire alarm goes off at 7:10 my mom should not offer to let me back in the car for fear of a copycat shooter.

The only fear I should have about my brother entering highschool is that I won't be there to help him find his classes.

We've been leaving this issue up to the gridlock of the right and left since Columbine.

And now in Florida. 17 dead. 17. That's as many kids as years I've spent living.

In my time living there have been 133 deaths in mass school shootings, accounting for elementary through college.

Does the number not seem big enough for the cause? Well, one hundred thirty three accounts for only the MASS, SCHOOL shootings in MY lifetime.

Mass shootings are events in wich a minimum of 4 people die. Add the occasions where less than four will killed, and the number swells. Add the shootings before my lifetime and the number swells again.

And that's not the end of it.

2012: 16 killed in a movie theater in Aurora, Colerado.

2016: 49 killed in a night club in Orlando.

2013: 6 killed in San Diego in a shooter's spree.

2014: An ex-marine killed 6 in Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

2016: Two killed at Independance High School.

There's an undeniable problem.

And we will walk out

Hoping to afford this problem enough attention to win it a solution.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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