American Tragedy

Two shots ring out, 

Everyone hearing people shout. 

Two more, three more, four more. 

The shooter blocking the door.

11 bodies laying there, 

Lived one's later thinking this isn't fair. 

A child with a deadly thing

Hearing the screams in his ears ring.

Nobody ever knew,

What this kid was going through.

Fights at school, Dropping grades. 

All the taunting started a raid.

11 bodies in pools of blood 

Lying, thick and heavy, dark as mud. 

Picks up a gun, now he breathes no more.

Everyone's asking why, 

But Nobody is noticing that the only option this boy thought he had was to die. 

Everyone blaming him for pulling the trigger. 

Didn't ever think there was a bigger picture. 

So now here we are, burying 13 kids, one just a misfit. 

The Preacher's words getting to my head like a drill bit. 

This could have all been prevented, 

If societies normal wasn't so demented. 

This was just an American Tragedy 

An event felt internationally. 

This poem is about: 
My community


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