The Diary of a Seventh Grader: Reflections on the Virginia Tech Shooting


Dear Diary,

I write this poem in memory

of all lives lost in the tragedy,

to give strength to their families,

and to prevent any further calamities.




It's not such a sunny day,

But when someone shows up to say

that they care

and don't stare

at the differences you share,

the clouds part

and the sun shows.


It pays if your nice,

it makes people feel they are worth a price

Everybody's in a good mood,

and doesn't want to be rude and intrude.


It makes a difference, what people do.

Earth becomes a better place--

you can help, too!


There's a price if you're mean,

but it's free if you scream,

Hallelujah! For love.

Hallelujah! For peace.


You never really know just how much your words mean.

Your impact is more than it always seems.

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