People always cry When people die


People always cry
When people die
There's a part of our humanity
That always stays alive
There's that little bit of sanity that
always makes us strive
For a soul space not a world place
Where our humanity
can survive

Don't know why people love hate so much
Is it because it leaves that bitter taste
In their mouths
Like beer
Is it because they
Have never known the touch
Of somebody they love
Because they've shed one too many a tear

Is it because
They think God has an issue
But last time l checked
It was god who made their hearts to
Love who they love
And decide who individually
God ain't give u the right to hate
But he sure as hell
Made their will free

I don't have to be gay
To know you ain't no less than me
You don't gotta have my skin
To stand up for equality

Just look at the shoes your in
Your ancestors paid your freedom fee
They told you all them years ago
'Dont ever treat no one the way them people treated me'

We ain't free
Life is a mother fucker
It make you forget who the hell you are
It makes you forget your brother
It makes you think you better
It keep your arrogance tank full
But I bet that you'll remember
When once again that trigger pull

That you ain't no better
That the fact that you ain't gay
Ain't keep your head from being severed
That the fact I could only love a man
Ain't stop my love from dying
That the fact you cant yet do things that I can
Ain't keep my soul from crying

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