"A Shooting at (Insert name here) School has left (Insert Number here) dead and (Insert larger number here) wounded. Police have blocked off the area and people have been escorted out of the building. One witness describes it as "I was in class when there was a sound like baloon popping. People were running and screaming that someones been shot. I turned to look and saw blood on the floor." This marks the 11th school shooting in this year. Athorities state..." 

I just don't want to hear it. So i change the station. It distrubs me that after all this time and after all these deaths this is still a problem. Why has this not changed as I listen to Pink. Why is it still the same? What would Rihanna think? It's madness say, as I sit at the baseball game. I should feel bad about it, but the schools an hour away. 

It doesn't seem real, or that it matters anymore. The shock factor's gone, now its just excess, like the episode of Walking Dead. Maybe things will change this time, as I sit down with Walter White. Maybe they'll finally realize, as I laugh at Dwight. 

I should lose sleep, I think to myself. Maybe Susanne Colins knows how bad it is. Maybe my facebook friends will feel with me. Maybe those gun controlling psychos will restrict their purchase. Maybe the mental healthcare system will be refurbished. 

They'll figure it out. I've got a lot on my plate. I'm going to dinner with tonight with my buddy Jake. Were about to share a laugh about the last episode we saw, the one where the watchers battle on the wall. 

I do feel a little tired so lets go home, I crash on my bed and look at my phone.

"(Insert number here) shot in the (Insert Public Place Here)."

I turn off the news and play some Jazz. Im going to sleep wondering how it got this bad. 


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