Inner Strength

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Some of us are stuck in the past Positive it's not going to last Some of us don't want to spread our wings and fly Some of us don't know how to say goodbye Some of us think we have few chances
my love, that singular beauty, is all mine touched with golden splendor of the gods sweet as honey, rich as cherry wine a lively sprite who frolics in the woods
Verse 1 When your out in this world all lonely You don’t know what to do with yourself honestly Looking back at your life is a tragedy Your trying to move along and be strong for insanity
Dear School Board,   You threaten me with your words With your long sentences of gibberish and peanut butter
Sweet, sweet girl, don’t lose that heart Even though sometimes, things will fall apart. Value your daddy and all the sacrifices he will make You don’t yet understand all he’ll end up doing for your sake.
You are intelligent Yet you know nothing You are full of ideas Yet you don’t know how to express them well You are full of wisdom
When will I see  Fruitions of being happy What happened to respect exactly What's intact is that I watch my back Wondering when one close  Decides to hide inside The lies of emotional ties
Find her, You'll have to search hard, Dig deep, Find that warrior within, Use her strength to fight, Stand up for yourself, You are strong, You are powerful, You have a pulse,
And now I’ve come to the end, I walked a very long way. Miles and years, Smiles and tears. But there is nothing left for me to say.   You didn’t hurt my feelings,
I realized where my  passion lies and through open eyes I saw the prize. I'd go back to school to gain the tools necessary for me to fuel the vehicle of which I'll drive and strive to thrive until I arrive
                            If I spoke in lines of poetry, it would be broken  Every line seperate from the rest My words would fall disconnected You would not be able to make sense of it   
As I sit by I recall the dark All the tears that I could not shed   In the desert park No life around No signs at all   I've stayed strong For so long I love my growth
The storm calls forth the seas,A figure stands, alone,A miracle observed by none. Turn, turn,Sweet one, you control the winds,The havoc’s mistress is gentle of heart.
Turbulent were waters so much so that  it was said to my soul  as it faded near the dead rise, be bold now go ahead strive causing strife within my mind 
Sometimes, she doesn't get out of bed. It seems so difficult. The color of sadness is so deep. But she must rise. Her subjects need attention.  Is it not strange.
I have traveled through the deepest parts of my subconscious Ignoring my own ego   I have reached through the scariest parts of my own limbic systems
The only time I can’t forget you Is in my drawn out fever dreams. Half human, half animal, You draw me in Like an “Alice in Wonderland” character that shifts
I was quiet. I was bleek. My life consisted of listening to what others said. I grew strength. I grew power. I decided to follow my own path instead. I am willful. I am passionate.
  The world can often feel like heavy hands around our necks, closing fast.
Everyone says t
As I write, I enter a stage A stroke of the pen, equals the dialogue of a piece The diction of verses, compares to the dialect of speech And as I write my story, and I convey my words
That which makes me tick is hard to define Is the antidepressants stabilizing my mind? Is it the fear of failure or being left behind? Is the incessant tick tock ticking of time?
We walked along and he was there, his clothe
Brittle like glass she was  Every light shone through her  And no matter what she does  People always stare It makes her feel so edgy She cuts them razor sharp  Only to magnify her beauty 
He had been 'reading' for As long as he could remember. His mother's voice was soothing to his ears As it washed over them in a soft, murmuring tone. A tone that was betrayed almost every time
Small fingers, silk skin. Light skin tione. Simply amazing! From your stature, to the way you walk up until the point where I begin to mention those heavenly curves. My O My, It's sommething you can't explain.
Mirror, mirror shed some light I need to see the foe I fight I need to see what's wrong with me I will fight to prove I'm free   I'm not the man I used to be Tell me why can they not see
The night was once an empty dream The trees offered no shade I once had no hope in me Life to me was just a game
It has to come from within When the world offers you no hope And the tides have turned against you When the people around you just say ‘nope’ And there is still so much left to go through
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