Never Rained

Tue, 01/10/2017 - 04:47 -- airyes

As I sit by

I recall the dark

All the tears that I could not shed


In the desert park

No life around

No signs at all


I've stayed strong

For so long

I love my growth


All the pain that I went through

All the shades of red & blue

Blood, tears, and bruises


My eyes begin to rain

The fire around me goes

Purple flowers start to show


My pain it waters 

Nourishes all life around

My heart and land, they pound


Now all the darkness

That's poisoned me

Is replaced with lights and seas


As I sit by

Seas of my tears

The light within me grows


My self created garden

Grows and reaches towards me

I never believed this could be


To believe my pain

To believe my tears that rain

Can create life, such beauty


Now all I see

Are waves of seas

Oh and all my life that's come from me


So many years

Looking below, but not anymore

For I look to what I used to feel was unknown 


I look above

Thank the love

Thank the pain


Without it

I could have never grown

I could have never rained

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<3 love you, itos.  airyes . com

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