Poetic Justice


Small fingers, silk skin. Light skin tione. Simply amazing!

From your stature, to the way you walk up until the point where I begin to mention those heavenly curves.

My O My,

It's sommething you can't explain.

Ain't nobody ever tell you this before I'm pretty sure because every time you look in the mirror you begin to think those deadly " WHAT IFS".

But baby girl let me tell you something, those " what ifs" didn't give you the body that god himself has grace upon you.

You all that.

Expressing all these feelings got me thinking I'm just like that.

Poetic Justice is me, a young girl 

whos curves, style and tone of voice it simply describes.

You in fact is the American Dream 

and that's just the god honest truth. 

And don't ever let nobody tell you any different because damn shawty your just that magnificent. 


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