To The Little Girl I Used to Be:

Sweet, sweet girl, don’t lose that heart

Even though sometimes, things will fall apart.

Value your daddy and all the sacrifices he will make

You don’t yet understand all he’ll end up doing for your sake.

You’ll one day see your mother with a whole new sight

But always encourage her to seek out the light.

Spend time with your little brothers whenever you can to free them of their cage

Be the person you needed in your life whenever you were their age.

The boy you’ll plan to marry will rip you in two

But I promise you’ll have loved ones to help slowly repair you.

Know that people come and people go

And exactly why they make their choices, you may not always know.

Most people will leave the story of who you really are a dusty story on a shelf

But please, I beg you, try to learn to one day love yourself.

Things are going to happen that will leave your heart and body scarred

Keep your faith strong and care for others, even when it’s hard.

As you grow up, you will hit rock bottom more times than you won't

But, when you want to succumb to your demons...darling, please don't.




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