The Next Step

And now I’ve come to the end,

I walked a very long way.

Miles and years,

Smiles and tears.

But there is nothing left for me to say.


You didn’t hurt my feelings,

But you stomped on them instead.

Lying to my face,

This is utter disgrace.

It’s hard to believe that you once were my friend.


Encounters like this make me, who I am,

I grow in strength and wisdom.

You’re part of my past,

I know things don’t last.

But it’s something that I’ve grown accustomed.


I cannot go back to where I was;

Going forward is the only choice for me.

It seems never ending,

But I am ascending,

To much better things you will see.


The future is going to be a bright one,

But it is dangerous as well,

I now press on,

This world is gone.

Yet, I’ve always picked myself up when I fell.


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