The world can often feel like heavy hands around our necks, closing fast.

Sometimes the universe is threatening, almost like it could swallow every one of us whole.

However, I need to remind you that you are the universe.

We are unceasingly growing, learning changing, and the world is ours.

This, I promise.

We exist within a balance of beating hearts and burning lungs, we are all factors

In the grand equation that is existence, and you are an undeniably vital component.

We are all our own collections of pain, love, nostalgia rolled into a mass of skin and bone, eroded by these things like the rocks on the shore, and by the lives we endure.

Without your light the universe would dull, a collection of wax where a candle once burned.

We are burning and eternal flames that lick the air and drink the skies, we are monumental.

We are lethal, we are beautifully composed, we exist and this world is ours to conquer.

We are galaxies and nebulas and fiery stars, a sublime and imperative beings.

I promise.

The air in our lungs is blessed to be there, the skin covering our bones is holding on as tight as it can, and the eyes within our skulls want us to see the true and endless beauty of our own adventure.

We are full of light and it is bursting throughout every ounce of us.

I want you to understand that the world is in love with your existence, and it waits patiently for your every move of pure greatness.

We define life, we define peace, and we define love and divinity.

Smear this poem on a canvas, etch this poem into your windowpane.

Write this poem on your walls, scream it from the rooftop, and inhale every one of these words until they are burned into the hollows of your colorful mind.

Let this poem be your anthem, let it assure you how truly important you are to the world, and the world is to you. Existing symbiotically.

You are loved, you are feared, you are needed and immaculately equipped to live the life presented to you.

Now go exist within the world you made, in the happiest and most harmonious way you possibly can. Okay?

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Our world


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