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I turn left I turn right, I hear a cry Women crying themselves to sleep Because of getting hit by a whip
16 hours 53 min ago
I tried to sew Tried to swim Nothing works How hard must I try?
16 hours 59 min ago
You're one in a million Just like a baby stallion You're uniqueness is very different
17 hours 6 min ago
Guess I was never enough Guess I was never worth it to you, Coz you made me do things I shouldn't have done
17 hours 11 min ago
You always make me cry You don't even care when I'm hurt Coz you're always the cause of my tears
17 hours 18 min ago
Under the stillness of the surface, I sink under its depths. The surface brings warmth and light,
17 hours 51 min ago
My beautiful nation Filled with different races With beautiful faces Loving each other like family
18 hours 6 min ago
Please save me Just set me free Free from everything Just send me to a place where I can do anything
18 hours 10 min ago
How do you feel thelat all the things you do to me Only fufful you're manly desires
18 hours 29 min ago
Life is like a roaler coaster Some things just pop up like bread in the toast
18 hours 40 min ago