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You say that the price of equality isn't one you want to pay You're obsessed with the notion that it will all work itself out
13 hours 1 min ago
Her Honesty virtue, encapsulates my heart  Her Angelic nature, is what sets her apart 
13 hours 17 min ago
You, my dear, are nothing special. No more significant than the dust On your unread books.   
13 hours 42 min ago
My girl had sparkly blue eyes And told the most fantastic lies. I sat, looking into her chest
13 hours 46 min ago
I have seen all these dreams, Holding your hand under orange sky. I have seen all these dreams,
13 hours 47 min ago
It starts with you And it ends with you. Change your thoughts because They can transform you and the world.
13 hours 47 min ago
Drab black curtains hung 'round Depthless windows peering in to  An empty soul.  
13 hours 53 min ago
Imagine a flower picking its own petals, Throwing them on the ground in disgust. Criticizing every fine line and fuzz,
14 hours 10 min ago
I was born innocent with a weak heart, Being carried by the most strongest flower. I felt warmth around this flower,
14 hours 27 min ago
Unobtainable for those with active hearts Blessed with the curse that is the past.
14 hours 52 min ago