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Every writer knows Exactly how it feels It’s like wanting to eat
6 hours 11 min ago
There are billions of people In this world of strife But you’re the only one
6 hours 14 min ago
Slender and tall, still in the fog      A smile from eye to eye               
6 hours 16 min ago
Under the tree her body laid A red-stained dress and a necklace of jade
6 hours 19 min ago
I lay in bed alone at night   My mind begins to wander   I should be sleeping  
6 hours 21 min ago
By the good I am a goddes... and by the bad odiusly a goddes. The deal is we pamper ourselves platonicallyyyyyyy
11 hours 28 min ago
  When taken past experience to future consequence, one has very little or even nothing as reference.
12 hours 14 min ago
I feel like I’m drowning, soaking in every last minuscule drop of neglect.
13 hours 19 min ago
My son  I watched you grow And I watched you dieI saw you well And I saw you sickThen sickness took overAnd the well days were rareI thou
15 hours 34 min ago
My son
15 hours 44 min ago