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Time moves like the flow of running water. As we journey through life, did I do enough. The fear of a journey without forever.
13 hours 49 min ago
    I am the moon, the sun and the stars, The light spread in between
17 hours 48 min ago
The feelings inside me  they run around like little children with no worries 
18 hours 13 min ago
People come and go, But u stayed.... People leave u broken, But u mended.... People hurt ur soul,
18 hours 26 min ago
Injabulo ebhalwe ubusweni bakho ngathi ayisoze yophela, Undizela phezulu ngezimpiko zaluthando.
19 hours 47 min ago
Hard core music Love spurned feelings Thoughts unbroken Silent words left spoken Scarlet thorns erased
19 hours 58 min ago
One day the truth will come out One day they'll know who you are One day you won't be able to hide anymore
20 hours 38 min ago
The Way it is When you look in the mirror you see a smile a cross that face
20 hours 58 min ago
  He did me a favour, He did not seek my thoughts That I hid from him For fear, he would amend them
22 hours 10 min ago
dear mom, the other day, i came down stairs with jagged red letters etched into my skin  
23 hours 40 min ago