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When you want to feel, even pain eludes you. When you want to cry, but tears fail you.
21 hours 8 min ago
The people crowded on the platform Standing in wait for the 8.15 A.M. Fast Are not the anxious one, bored they maybe.
21 hours 16 min ago
Life brings you smiles and wounds but, life  also takes you on a joy but dark ride the ups and the downs smiles and frowns con
21 hours 38 min ago
my living lord my living God my hero my dad one who fulfilled all my wishes
22 hours 24 min ago
22 hours 25 min ago
Most people can do all sorts of things, like go to a store and not  Feeling like there eardrums are going to burst.
22 hours 38 min ago
people will love you and support you  when its benefical . pills and potions ive  done lot of.
22 hours 42 min ago
Kya Ho Gaya yah duniya ka halat sab pareshan hai badal de sab ki aadat 1720 mein ek mahamari naam uska plague
23 hours 21 min ago
People are dying in the world I fixate on my body.  I feel fat. And yet that should not matter
23 hours 23 min ago
A feeling I cannot fathom So lost in it  That I gasp for air
23 hours 40 min ago