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2:20 New English Translation (NET Bible)
14 hours 43 min ago
I  jsut want to be happy im so bored this quarantine is driving me up a fucking wall there is nothing to do and i masturbate too much i w
15 hours 59 min ago
Tell me your theory Caution I may be cheary Not that I disbelieve Only that I have a need
16 hours 1 min ago
U here the word hero and i assume u think happy uplifting and positive like a pro athlete or some famous actor..
21 hours 15 min ago
He boldly announced,   ‘I shall change its complexion; This world has not awakened to reality yet,
21 hours 24 min ago
If lost in yourself, there’s no need to be found   As the self-disenfranchised,
21 hours 28 min ago
    You’re a dirt cheap, trash heap.
22 hours 33 min ago
Drunk texting,love sexting,I find you amused,you can play with my kitty,send me to your city,have me singing off of tune,undress me with
22 hours 51 min ago
Im procrastinating,I feel like I'm anticipating,The longing of you,Like a fuse electrifying ,Im slowly dying,Into a flame,Of loving you,B
22 hours 58 min ago
Because I gave you my heart and soul,Isn't that how the song is suppose to go?The cycle of love was the rhythm to go with flow,Yet, the t
23 hours 2 min ago