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Dare I swing higher than my headSeek a thrill, avoid the dreadWalk along the perilous edge
19 hours 10 min ago
Do you ever wonder where daydreams goThey seem to vanish in the daylight glowPerhaps to die in the conscious flow
19 hours 12 min ago
Just one more beer Just one more smoke Just one more taste
19 hours 13 min ago
Yonder comes the eastern sunDragging me another dayNo place to runI guess I stay
19 hours 16 min ago
Why did I stray from familiar pathThere was safety in the lightNow darkness has overtookPredators lurk in the night
19 hours 21 min ago
Lean on me, when... Well now, while your suffering. This is your day, Take what you need,
19 hours 31 min ago
Maybe I'm crazy  To think of you You as my baby It'd be a dream come true Maybe it's nuts 
20 hours 14 min ago
You're just a bunch of poems now. Ones that I'll read from time to time but that's all I will have of you
20 hours 19 min ago
This is a time of voices A time of choices We open our mouths
20 hours 23 min ago
Black men and women have always felt pain But now in a new way
21 hours 41 min ago