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BRING HER TO ME    The wind carried the ocean’s voice to me..  she whispered .,
21 hours 52 min ago
I’ve been waiting to see the doctor for over an hour. Now I see a beautiful woman walking in.
23 hours 13 min ago
You’re such a sweet, adorable girl, That’s why I gave you my heart. You can share your dreams with me.
23 hours 17 min ago
For Kamela .
23 hours 20 min ago
Everybody is talking about coronavirus nowadays. Why are people shifting the focus from the real threat?
23 hours 24 min ago
Life is a fair trade wherein all adjust itself in time, for all one takes the price comes in currencies not known as dime.
23 hours 28 min ago
The colourful light of sunset drops out of sight. And the dull shade of night fills the sky.
23 hours 29 min ago
Titus 1:15                   New English Translation
1 day 2 sec ago
1 John 3:19-20 New English Translation
1 day 11 min ago
Deep down I thought you loved me too! I was blindfolded in love to believe you which a blunter.
1 day 1 hour ago