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A sad man Once had a plan To be with someone Once it was done
2 hours 4 min ago
The sadness Depression I guess I feel so low Went with the flow
2 hours 5 min ago
Is there anyway I could be close to you for a day To be the one you lean on
2 hours 6 min ago
Hope All I hear nope From people who mope They can’t understand my way
2 hours 8 min ago
A man’s mental state is that of his own creation, a monster of thoughts. Though it is true,
2 hours 9 min ago
Prince of Cries Sighs  Alone in tears Sneers
2 hours 10 min ago
 The boiling blood The steady flood  The sounds are smashing Crashing
2 hours 13 min ago
This year I've become close to people I've never imagined and lost people who I thought would have been
2 hours 40 min ago
Time, it's an illusion, our past is but our present, our present is but our past, 
2 hours 42 min ago
The man can't see the snake biting his wife, and the woman can't see the boulder on
2 hours 47 min ago