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You say it’s not the same Your love And our love But why? Why can’t it be the same?
8 hours 1 min ago
the birds in my head, might be caught on the street, 
10 hours 11 min ago
See, I onced loved somebody and he was actually, handsome. So I thought to myself
10 hours 34 min ago
10 hours 41 min ago
This is to be preformed holding a black stick, as a prop.  I'd like to introduce you to Mr.
11 hours 5 min ago
A friend; A friend isn't just he who pushes you to the right and never the left,
11 hours 19 min ago
You have carried me on days when the light seemed too far away. On days when darkness was my only friend
12 hours 26 min ago
Private , privèeee hairdresser Top much, nothing is what it seems. What you thought was a wig were earrings ( " Smart Designs
12 hours 30 min ago
In such a reflection-Shows a glimpse of the neglected-Unspoken agendas and desires of perfection-
15 hours 5 min ago
Yes or no, right or wrong, their truth so far apart   Opinion
15 hours 22 min ago