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My friends think I’m all right Everything seems to be fine Though I can’t stand being alone,
5 hours 2 min ago
She’s not mine, yet I feel as if I’m losing her. I care so much for a girl that I’ve never cradled.
5 hours 5 min ago
Laws without fairness and justice are not really laws. The so-called law is a system of dictatorship and oppression. .
5 hours 10 min ago
We had a good affair when it started Love made us a happy couple It’s a short time since we fell in love,
5 hours 17 min ago
I was standing there alone Nobody called my phone You came into view And I didn’t know what to do
5 hours 19 min ago
For Normalyn .
5 hours 27 min ago
Inspired by Fíona .
5 hours 30 min ago
In a few moments you’ll be departing, And I’ll dolefully say goodbye. Our love should never end.
5 hours 34 min ago
Has anyone seen a wandering girl? She is a dancer I used to know. My baby said she would never leave me,
5 hours 40 min ago
For Stacy-Ann .
5 hours 45 min ago