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Sometimes its lonely When they are gone But I still can't forgive them For what they have done wrong.
8 hours 39 min ago
Coronavirus This quarantine is boring We're isolated  
9 hours 21 min ago
My espousal to know myself forced Me to swallow a pin. And vainly searching for my soul.
10 hours 36 min ago
I know your mind somewhere else, but I'm right here now, may sound impulsive or relentless but I just wanna see you smile, bend over back
10 hours 36 min ago
آرزوۓعاشقاں و جستجوۓ باوفا سرخ روۓ دو جہاں اور رنگ و بوۓ مرتضی سیرت و کردار میں اور نکہت گفتار میں
10 hours 39 min ago
We are like preoteas in our beautiful endemic floral Kingdom who need to be burnt in order to sprout into something even more spectacular
10 hours 41 min ago
It's sad that it took a leach for us to perceive how close we can be but to that I say thanks to the present greatly, you're a gift heave
10 hours 43 min ago
Battling insomnia with thoughts of her, for her beautiful smile makes me persevere, dear please know that it's a pleasure to make you hap
10 hours 47 min ago
I don't know if you meant it but you make my heart skip beats, priceless like a solid diamond necklace I'll provide a hypothesis but I'd
10 hours 51 min ago
No need for an aliase you know who you is gorgeous Hardly nervous for instance when we get intimate
10 hours 54 min ago