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Seismic—                      Shock wave of energy                    swelling ocean waves,
18 hours 37 min ago
Sun scorching, sweltering, sizzling beach.My hardened soles resist the heat.Sunglasses shielding my eyes
18 hours 43 min ago
Are you desperate to be right all of the time?How much better at day's end to be found kind!....
18 hours 48 min ago
Wise and in love, be there never the day  
18 hours 49 min ago
tiny fragile budclean prune cultivate nurture—precious child blossoms....
18 hours 50 min ago
Instant friends,We hit it off so wellMutual encouragementLives starting to gelIn an instant gone
18 hours 55 min ago
When I was coming upmomma and daddy both said"Finish your plate, son.  Eat the rest!"
19 hours 10 min ago
A chance encountera snapshot in timelife's random momentsare simply sublime....
19 hours 28 min ago
He can curse up a stormmake a sailor blushFoul blue languagespewed out in a gushCould strip paint clean
19 hours 32 min ago
be not content with one flower of truth—gather ever truth’s bouquet.....Mark Toney © 2020
19 hours 37 min ago