Jesus Would Smack Trump Upside the Head or What would Jesus Do?

Sat, 04/15/2017 - 21:46 -- skybird

Sure as heck wouldn't fall 
for that "Oh its my favourite
book & I keep it by my bedside
trick" & gather chubby Christian
flunkeys to pray over & anoint
a fascist idiot child,


Would see right through using
a grieving widow as a prop for
a photo-shoot extravaganza,
& then talk of record applause
lines like this was America's 
Most Talented & he was a cheap
ass promoter milking the crowd,


Wouldn't for a second fall for
the Syrian children carry an
infection to the nation & must 
be denied entry because you 
never know but of course we can 
because deranged white folks are 
more of a threat,


Sure as shit could tell the difference
between a good apostle & that 
scheming White Supremacist 
Bannon & the bald dude who
endlessly talks of his overlord
being obeyed or damn sure you'll
all be for it,


Would most definitely not need
a golden crapper to rest his fat
white ass on & a golden stroller
for his special one & lacquered
mirrored sitting room that looks
like a hillbilly wet-dream version of 
of 'how rich folks dun live rightly,'


Would most definitely not be seen
wearing that stupid red hat which 
more than hints at a long gone 
world with shades of whiteness
& exclusion & don't come knocking
on my door you pitiful wretch you,


Would never in a million friggin'
years have voted Republican & 
sided with a lying, duplicitous
con-man with all the shades of
darkness that usually are reserved
for the actual Fallen Angels.


This poem is about: 
My country


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